Artificial Intelligence in the Fashion Industry

Artificial Intelligence has stepped to the Fashion Industry


Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Fashion may at first seem like two vastly different aspects of our lives. One is the study of Intelligence in machines while the other is the manner in which we wear our clothes, hair, and other such accessories. However, like everything else in our modern lives, we see technology and digitization seep into every aspect of our lives and it should not be a surprise when technology entwines itself with fashion as well. As an industry worth at least 3 trillion USD it’s vital that the fashion industry augments itself and evolves as it progresses with the rest of the world. This leads us to technology within the fashion industry where AI has heralded a new age. AI has been instrumental in dealing with new fashion trends, identifying consumer needs, designing new fashions as well as being present in the production process. And as such, it has taken the industry to new heights. 

Fashion store with good database

Satisfying the Masses

A significant amount of people shop for clothing online. One survey observed that 80% of the population in the US utilize online shopping websites and applications. Of this, the fashion industry holds a significant number of consumers. In order to customize for each consumer, Artificial Intelligence is employed in a multitude of ways. From conversational home assistants like Google Home and Amazons Alexa to Image recognition where the user can photograph the item and the AI will search the internet for offers and display them to the user. This method can be used with screenshots as well.

In the physical retail market, innovations like the smart mirror enable the user to stand in front of a camera and display where they can browse through the store's selections and see how various clothes look on them without even wearing them first. The AI is able to fit the clothes on to a digital projection of the user. This facilitates the need for fit on rooms and the like thus reducing the hassle of the user while satisfying the users' fashion needs.


Designing the Fashion

When comes to designing fashion, we see AI scanning and analyzing current trends. An AI will scan user preferences and user data as well. This propagated through a vast network of questionnaires that the AI will present to a number of users across the internet and AI operated chatbots who operate as virtual assistants who would speak to the users in order to identify their needs. AI is also able to analyze the fashion market as well. This makes the AI capable of predicting the market along with user tastes. This allows the AI to predict the future of the market with respect to demand while also forecasting the trends of the future to an extent due to the fact that it can process much more of the data given by the users much more efficiently than the human brain. Therefore, the AI would already have options available for the designers to work on even before a season starts.

Additionally, the AI is able to compare and contrast designer designs with the market and indicate what designs might be more popular. AI is also capable of designing clothes by itself after analyzing popular trends and copying them. The designer can then in turn work on that particular product to make it better for the market.


Manufacturing the Product

In terms of manufacturing, we see a gradual incline in the use of AI and automated machinery in the industry. Machines that can execute procedures that require four people all at once have been introduced into the fashion industry. A few years ago, machines could not handle the dexterity or delicateness required to handle material such as cloth. But now, through machine learning, AI has eliminated those deficiencies and created a better, faster , and stronger alternative to physical labor. Due to customer personalization, a result of the predicting done by the AI, a significant drop has been observed in the number of returned products. Additionally, the AIs predictions allow companies to manage their inventory and identify what products sell better and what products do not.


AI has really transformed the fashion industry in all of its aspects. We can observe AI and its handiwork spread out through the entire production process up until the customer themselves have used the product. Customers are able to purchase products that have been customized for them with the current trends and season in mind. They are delivered straight from the machines in the factories through a web application and right to their very doorstep. AI has revolutionized the fashion industry by evolving and interconnecting every facet of the industry together.

Luxury Gulets inTurkish Region 🚤🚤🚤

Experience the Regal Elegance in Luxury Gulets Turkey 

Would I inquire a question, what the most splendid & unforgettable scenery you have ever experienced as a traveler? It may certainly be the Turkish archipelago, associated with several picturesque paradises, glorious historic sites, and countryside villages full of sheer beauty & the giant Mediterranean, fusing with the infinity. If I ask the question, what the most incredible & incomparable cruise service that you’ve ever enjoyed in Turkey. The answer should definitely be the Luxury Gulets Turkey. Actually, Luxury Gulets Turkey is renowned for such a goodwill of client satisfaction, as the staff always think it to be a divine-service, not as a nuisance.

Luxury Gulets, how do they distinguish from stereotypical Gulets?

 Luxury gulets are specifically designed for the guests who expect a certain level of comfort with newly added modern fittings. The luxury Gulets Turkey have been improved within the last decade with not only interior modifications but also the technology for more developed &better performance of the rather than traditional Gulets.

Luxury Gulets always challenge the traditional Gulets by;

·         A strong construction based on seagoing.

·         Powerful engines for utmost cruising comfort.

·         The usage of high-quality materials.

·         Sophisticated technical equipment, according to present safety standards.

·         Comfortable accommodation.


Luxury Gulets are versatile in amenities.

The luxury Gulets are provided under three categories, based on their luxury amenities.

Ø  Standard Gulets

Ø  Superior Gulets

Ø  Luxury Gulets

Actually, all the above luxury Gulet categories distinguish one from another, due to the small differences in their facilities. A luxury Gulet may be an ideal selection for a family with many children & large groups of friends up to 18-20. The difference of each facility is described later, under each amenity.

Charter prices for luxury Gulets in Turkey.

The payments consistently range from 14.000€ up to 150.00€ per week in luxury Gulets Turkey. However, the budgets is flexible as much as you are capable of, & also prices may depend on the season. So, as the customers, if you are aware of your budget at last approximately, you can easily be provided the best deal, without any latter perplexities.

Luxury Gulet rates & the conditions.

Rates for luxury Gulet charters in Turkey are seasonal, depending on a month to month

·         Low season (May-October)

1.        The best period for having a cruise, getting rid of large crowds of tourists.

2.      Prices are usually lowest & most bearable.

3.      The weather conditions are mild. 

·         Middle season (June-September)

1.        Prices may be higher as many bookings are available.

2.      Capable of enjoying perfect sunny rays & colder nights some of which long sleeve might be needed.

3.      Towns are not as crowded as in high season.

·         High season (July- August)

1.        The prices may be the highest, & your aims must be to choose the best luxury Gulet for your budget.

2.      It is the period, in which the sea is the warmest & the temperature & everything is full of life.

Luxury Gulet rates may include the followings, apart from the basic requirements provided there.

·         Tender for transportation ashore.

·         Salaries of the crew.

·         General marina insurance.

·         Mooring fees of Turkish municipality.

·         Fuel & lubricants for over 4 hours of navigation per day.

·         Non-motorized water sports equipment.

Here are some added facilities provided within luxury Gulets in Turkey, on behalf of the tourists who are longing for an unforgettable cruise, during their vacation.

                           Wondergulets Group

The Gulet crew.

It is so glad to say that, every luxury Gulet occupies a nice crew, courteous, friendly, informal & affectionate towards the customers & always awaiting to give their generous support at any time. The crew of luxury Gulets Turkey may include a captain, 1 or 2 sailors, chef, steward & a few hosts, hostesses or housekeepers, depending on the category whether it is a standard, luxury or VIP Gulet.

Spacious compartments all over the Gulet.

There are cabins in a variety of several configurations offered for twins, triples & double bed cabins. Perhaps, they occupy one or more master cabins. The cabin space of luxury Gulets is usually more than traditional Gulets.

·         In luxury Gulets; 4-9 cabins for up to 8-20 tourists, commonly visible.

·         In super-luxury Gulets; 4-6 cabins for up to 8-12 holidaymakers.


 In addition, the design of luxury Gulets has been done by, high-quality materials. The cabins are well equipped with;

·         An en-suite bathroom for each, with a modern toilet, basin & an enclosed shower cubicle.

·         Air conditioning, daily 4 to 8 hours, especially at night.

In luxury type, only cabins are provided AC. But in, deluxe category Gulets both cabins & lounge are air-conditioned well.

The frequent aroma of yummy dishes.

                     Wondergulets Group

During a cruise in luxury Gulet Turkey, you will get the inexpressible experience of having alfresco dining, blended with the mild, blowy surrounding of a massive Mediterranean. Meals are usually served around a large dining table on the aft deck.

It is so glad to inform you that, all the dishes are prepared according to each customer’s desire, as the crew always asks you to give a preference sheet, based on your dietary requirements. So, if you are a vegetarian or suffering from some allergies, it may not be a cause, to avoid cruise in a luxury Gulets in Turkey.

So, you have a nice opportunity to enjoy a personalized menu of gastronomic delights.

How do these dishes differ from ones in traditional Gulets?

·         Breakfast, always composed of local produce fresh, organic ingredients.

·         Appetizers before each meal, such as stuffed peppers, aubergines & artichokes fried in a pan.

·         Pulses, cooked under a slow heat, in extra virgin olive oil.

·         Succulent fish & other seafood, freshly provided by the crew, the guest themselves & fishermen, fishing at the Mediterranean.

·         For meat lovers, lamb, beef, & chicken seasoned in fresh herbs & cooked on a barbecue, to absorb all the flavors.

·         Sundeck snacking.

These are exclusively visible on the dishes of luxury Gulets Turkey, confirming again & again them to be, at the summit of guest hospitality.

Would you miss a celebration of yours or your favorites, due to a Gulet cruise?

Actually wouldn’t. Therefore, don’t forget to mention if you have some occasion be celebrated on board, as the luxury Gulet crew also, is longing for such parties. For example, anniversary celebrations, birthday parties, & pirate-themed nights to decadent dinner parties.

If you follow a strict diet, please inform it, before the departure, & then your requirements will be fulfilled according to your likes & dislikes.

Satellite TV & better internet access.

Actually, you needn’t repent anymore of missing your favorite TV programs as the luxury Gulets Turkey is covered with several TV wave receptors. Therefore, you have a chance to entertain over 100 channels via those satellite TVs onboard 7/24.

All the luxury Gulets in Turkey are supplied 3G internet system, so that you can also proceed with your business work, checking your mails, while relaxing onboard yourself.

You may also have an opportunity to browse the web using Wi-Fi under some limitations. 

Massive variety of leisure time activities.

Actually, the luxury Gulets Turkey, provide you plenty of leisure activities both onboard & also, among the dashing, spinning ripples of the Mediterranean. This boundless amusement occasions are also a cause, from which other traditional Gulets differ distinctively.  

These on-board team games would certainly support you to make new friends from different countries & different cultures.

·         Backgammon

·         Cards

·         Snorkel & flippers

·         Fishing handlines

·         Attempt yourself a Mediterranean cuisine on boar

There are several water sports, which certainly add a joyous feeling, mixed up with a glimpse of fear & hesitation. Especially it may be a trend for the teenagers to prefer theses luxury Gulet cruises.

Watersport toys are not included in Gulet charter, but can be rented as an extra option, if the space on board & the tender has an immensely powered outboard engine. So the great value of such a Gulet cruise may certainly be as same as, a holiday in a 3 star hotel.

Enjoy music & movies at any time you desire.

If you are an elder, unable to entertain by water sports & something else, you can listen to music, songs or watching movies via the DVD/CD players or TVs. Most luxury Gulets have TV & players at the lounge. But, the deluxe Gulets are provided them in separate cabins. That is also an evidence to prove that, luxury Gulet crew doesn’t concern what your age limit is, but giving a similar chance of entertainment for everybody. That is the eminence of their service.

Have a shower of placid sun rays.

No matter, how luxurious these Gulets are, the majority of tourists, marginalized their full lifetime into the household & business work within AC rooms, prefer to enjoy the harmony of environment, by lying or engaging in their own work on the cushioned reclining areas or sun mattresses, and located on the superstructure. They are so mesmerized by this experience that, even in the hottest summer days they are continuing these sunbaths.

If the sun rays are utterly bitter & inconvenient, you are also provided the cushions on the deck under the shade. So, do you still have any doubt of their hospitality?

Besides, additionally there are tiny seating areas, most suitable place for enjoying a cocktail at sunset & there, you may get the best scenery during navigation.


 The sheer harmony of the nature.

The evaluation of Gulets is so contrastive, immense & inexpressible that, the function of Gulet has totally turned upside down, from fishing & cargo transportation to, enjoying vacations. This conversion occurred due to choosing the Gulet cruising as a nice solution to enjoy the splendor & glory of Turkish archipelago full of

·         Picturesque sea shores,

·         Lush green forests &

·         Ancient historic sites.

 These may be the compulsory destinations of any Gulet cruise.  During a holiday in a luxury Gulet also, you may get the same chance of observing them. Actually, you are not prohibited the traditional Gulet cruise, activities here, but adding a lot of extra advantages.

Glaring stars to lull & dawn twilight to awake.

You can go to bed on the cushioned areas of the aft deck, instead of having your cabin, if it feels like monotonous & boring. After getting precautions for mosquito attacks, you can fall asleep conveniently, glancing at the stars unpolluted sky, above the Mediterranean & listening to the tone of tiny ripples of sea, expressing the ambiguity & tranquility of the nature. You may wake up, among the soothing sun shines, after a long slumber of incomparable comfort.

Life insurance & safety confirmation.

Likely in many traditional cruise services, luxury Gulets Turkey also, offer an insurance cover for the tourists, waiting for their services. Life jackets, emergency kits & life rafts are supplied, during your water sports.

A passarelle or a gangplank is provided for a safer & easier disembarkation at marinas & town quays. Apart from those, even in water sport activities, a swim ladder is supplied for an easy access to the brine.

If your Gulet including you, your favorites &the whole has to face with some unexpected accident, during your cruise, you can ask the support from any authority, via uninterrupted connection of mobile phones & VHF radios. Not only that, your luxury Gulet has most probably, got a tender for taking ashore in anchorages. Therefore, you may not be refugees of an unknown territory at all, in such a situation.

Have you got discouraged about a luxury Gulet voyage due to deceptive brokers?

As a matter of fact, you may have given up the inflammable desire of spending your vacation in a luxury Gulet, due to the rumors about misleading brokerage companies. All those issues may arise, unless you are unaware of Wondergulets group, which bears an eternal goodwill in Gulet cruising history, due to their reliable & truthful service, towards their clients. As a well-experienced & reliable Gulet charter & selling, Wondergulets Group, always supports you to charter a luxury Gulet Turkey, of bearable prices, fitting to your pocket & also a service on 24/7 basis, leaving the chance for any inquiry. So, if you were perplexed in booking an appropriate Gulet, you can follow their service,

                             Wondergulets Group

So, I am sure that, if you really visualize the sheer harmony & tranquility of nature & the short-lasting, but monarchic delicacies, to be enjoyed among a loyal & affectionate crew, your next vacation, certainly will be in a luxury Gulet Turkey. So, you are meekly requested to trust upon the Wondergulets group & allocate your hardest decision of booking a proper luxury Gulet upon them & enjoy your forthcoming summer fiesta as much as well possible.




Breath with Green 🌴🍃🌸

Breathe with green; Indoor gardening for a cleaner breath…

If you are interested in indoor gardening, your curiosity is a part of an ever-developing fascination as old as human civilization. As Professor Catherine Horwood, the author of 'Potted History – a study of plants in the home' points out, indoor gardening started as a necessity of the household, grew into a status symbol, and finally blossom as both an innovative and a beneficial hobby.

If I’m to paraphrase Horwood, current individuals are much aware of the benefits of indoor gardening. With the support of a considerable number of new and old studies, released by the titans as such as NASA, dating as back as to the late 80s one such major proven benefit of indoor gardening is its ability to purify the air.

As we all know, plants naturally absorb air and eradicate carbon dioxide by consuming it to fuel the process of photosynthesis. As a side effect of this process, the plants also absorb other toxic chemicals which lead to air pollution. In fact, plants can absorb some of the smallest particles, particles that even the most advanced air purifiers can’t trap.

So ultimately, an indoor garden is a natural way to boost air purification and remove air pollution in your home. So, does this make indoor gardening a supplement to the air purifier? Well, not yet.

So, does this means that we have to wait a few decades for the manufactured pathos ivy to be available to make a hobby out of indoor gardening? Well, we still have plenty of nature given indoor plants that could purify the air while giving us health benefits. 

These purifying indoor plants would not only reduce the constantly increasing level of CO2 and remove the toxins in the air but also increase the level of relative humidity. In simpler words, they would remove the sour air and add moisture to the atmosphere which would in turn help in relieving from sinus congestion/headache, irritated vocal cords, dry cough, and the irritation to eyes, ears, nose, and throat.

The utmost thing is the fact that you don’t need green fingers to be a part of the indoor gardening club and battle against toxins. If I am to paraphrase Horwood again, fortunately, the indoor foliage that has got the best health-giving properties and are great mopper-uppers of air pollutants such as the peace lily, or spider plant are also the ones that are pretty easy to cultivate.

Let me introduce you to seven such low maintenance air purifying indoor plants you could pot in your indoor garden. These plants are so easy to care for and pretty hard to kill.


1.      Spider Plant

Spider plants are a fine selection for the beginners to the world of indoor gardening and forgetful owners as they are among the easiest air-purifying plants to grow. They send out shoots with flowers that eventually grow into spiderettes. Simply snip them and plant them in a pot of their own when you can see the little knob-like protrusions and tiny roots on the bottom of each spiderette. Now they are ready to be gifted or be added to your plant collection.


2.      Peace Lily


Are you someone who lives in a compact space but still thinks of indoor gardening? Then peace lily is the answer for you. This relatively small low light indoor plant is the definition of a low maintenance plant. Their glossy green leaves bring color and light to any room, even those spots with low light, so Just put it in a shady spot and keep the soil moist and you see flowers throughout most of the summer


3.      Snake Plant


If you think about indoor gardening but afraid of the commitment, the snake plant is the plant for you. The snake plant is crowned among the most tolerant plants as it is that hard to kill. They can survive low light levels, droughts, and have few insect problems. You can neglect them for weeks at a time and they would still look fresh and green.


4.      Aloe Vera


Here’s another dream plant of an indoor gardening enthusiastic. Easy to maintain, looks attractive, and truly useful. It grows well in artificial light and needs to be watered about every three weeks. The plant's leaves contain a clear liquid full of vitamins, enzymes, amino acids, and other compounds that have wound-healing, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties which makes it a quick relief remedy for small burns and such. Simply break a leaf and apply the cool goo on the wound.


5.      Weeping Fig

This is the tree for you if you are an indoor gardening fan with a high ceiling. Expect this tree to grow up to 10ft tall indoors as this hardy plant is from the rain forest where they grow into majestic giants. You can keep this low-maintenance plant in the indirect bright light and see how it grows slowly but beautifully. Trimming is necessary if you want to make it smaller or shape it and the winter would be the best time for it.


6.      Garden Mum

This beauty is a popular plant type among indoor gardening enthusiasts for its top-performing air-purifying quality. They work well indoors but it is best to plant mums in an outdoor garden after they flower since indoor environments do not permit them to re-bloom. look for a place that receives a few hours of sunlight in the early morning or evening when they are to be planted outdoors.


7.      Devil’s Ivy

                                    Money Plant Golden Pothos - Free photo on Pixabay

This is also a 'harder to kill than to keep alive' type of a low-maintenance tree which became a favorite among indoor gardening enthusiasts due to its ability to fight household toxins as well as the color it brings to the household.


However, scientists have developed a houseplant by genetically modifying the pathos ivy (which is still in the demo mode) with incredible results in air purifying and will bring indoor gardening to the frontline in the battle against toxins. It is also predicted that in the near future we might see plants that are a part of air purifiers in our houses and workplaces.



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