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Would you like to be your own BOSS LADY

 Did you know that Female Entrepreneurs is 1/3 of all Entrepreneurs in the world?

 These days everyone dreams of being an entrepreneur, of starting your own business to life like on their own terms. However, that is easier said than done.

So, Today we are going to discuss about what actually Entrepreneurship.
After that, step by step let’s move to enrich personality to drive and make visions to initiate our own businesses.

Around the world there are 1/3 percentage of lady entrepreneurs are there as their own companies earning their own profits.


Entrepreneurship is the process of designing, launching and running a new business, and doing everything else that is required for that. Intrapreneurs are similar to Entrepreneurs in the sense that behave exactly like an entrepreneur, except in the sense that they don’t start their own business, they work for someone else.

An entrepreneur must start at the very bottom, come up with an innovative or groundbreaking idea, develop it, as well as hire and manage their team. In short, it can be said that entrepreneurship is the process of designing, launching and running a new business, and doing everything else that is required for that.

There is another important person should be with an Entrepreneur…….

All of this can be quite intimidating for a person, and is not usually everyone’s a cup of tea, this is where Intrapreneurs come in.

Intrapreneurs are similar to Entrepreneurs in the sense that they also have to come up with risk-taking and innovation approaches while managing a team. In all sense and purpose, they behave exactly like an entrepreneur, except in the sense that they don’t start their own business, instead, they do all of this in someone else’s business. Hence, it can be said that they get to be Entrepreneurs while still have the job security which comes with working in a company.

Due to their similarities, intrapreneurs are often categorised as a subcategory of entrepreneurs, as they do everything that an entrepreneur does, expect just for someone else.
 In fact, the term itself references this, intra- means inside, hence intrapreneurs are an inside entrepreneur.
While an entrepreneur is the head of everything since it is their company, an intrapreneurs are often employees within a company who are assigned to work on a special idea or project. Their task is to develop the project like an entrepreneur would, without incurring all the risks involved with the task.

In order to achieve a task like this, an entrepreneur would have to source the resources and capabilities from outside, whether that includes getting a business loan, getting investors or hiring staff and purchasing resources. An intrapreneur, on the other hand, has the resources and capabilities of the company who they work for at their disposal.

However, an intrapreneur must also respond and reply to the higher-ups in their company, hence they don’t have the complete and total freedom that entrepreneurs usually enjoy. They do have job security, which the entrepreneurs lack.

This is the background and tasks of an Intrapreneur, basically both have to work hard to gain company goals.
So, Girls, now think, after reading this you might get a wish, hope or an idea to its better to start my own and gain my own. It’s not actually an easy thing because every beginning is hard but going forward it directs you to a Passion. Most of the initiators didn’t have their own capital to run their own maybe you have to go for loans, mortgages, asking for your friends to donate some. No worries that’s what I meant initiating is a tricky pressure.

Here beauties think there you have to be an entrepreneur and intrapreneur both for yourself. YES, you have your degree, qualification, a mission to vision, capability, strength, potential and creative mind.

So, BE RELAX, get your time, have a cup of tea,
Think Think Think and Think a BIG, A DAY OR A WEEK. Then DRAFT. COLOURFUL DRAFT.

We want girls to be in the top of commercial world more competing and challenging with their feminism.


5 APPS that GIRLS should carry with your MOBILE PHONE

5 APPS that GIRLS should carry with your MOBILE PHONE

Join the world in this age of technological advancement. Mobile apps or mobile apps are gaining popularity not only for accessing social networking sites but also for making everyday tasks easier. The following mobile apps will add comfort to your life.

1) Menstrual calendar apps - Menstrual dates can be forgotten due to work, education and many other daily tasks. So, there are many mobile apps that enable you to monitor your monthly cycle, such as Fertility Friend Mobile, Clue.

2) Mobile App for Health Care - If you want to keep track of your eating habits or calculate the calories you consume, you can easily keep track of healthcare apps like MyFitnessPal, Run Keeper, Pact, Fitbit by downloading.

3) Budgeting Mobile App - Personal account record keeping, financial management, budget planning is all very easy to use.

4) To-do list Apps - Doing dozens of tasks that need to be done every day is not easy. The wall calendar and pen-paper can help you to make a to-do list, but the best way to easily plan your programs is to download some of these apps.

5) Shopping Apps - Many women love to shop. Busy, you can shop online through Amazon's apps, as well as buy cheap home goods.



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