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Artificial Intelligence invaded the Bio Technology, the century began to re-born

AI invaded the Bio Technology

The year is 2020 AD, the sequencing of a complete human genome now costs less than a thousand dollars and the growth of transplantable human organs inside other animals is now gradually entering clinical trials. Advances such as this are the result of Biotechnology, which can be defined as technology based on biology. As we all know Information Technology has taken a paramount role in recent times and one major section of it which is Artificial Intelligence is rising rapidly. The combination of both these fields forms a novel topic called AI for Biotechnology.

Drug Discovery and Development

The current process of creating a drug is a long and time consuming one. It starts when scientists discover a biological target after which they begin testing different chemical mixtures in different dosages against it. Finally, they need to regulate the finished drug so that it is compatible with a wide range of people. Machine learning can be used to speed up lower the costs of this process. Primary stages in figuring out the drugs chemical structure and in the latter stage investigating the effect of a drug – both in basic preclinical research and clinical trials, in which a lot of biomedical data is produced.


Plant Biotechnology

Genetically modified Plants have become widely popular ranging from Golden Rice to the Flavr Savr Tomato. Biotechnology firms are now leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques to develop and program autonomous robots that handle important agricultural tasks like harvesting crops such as these at a much faster pace than humans. Computer Vision and Deep Learning algorithms are leveraged to process and analyze the data captured by the drones. Moreover, companies like Zymergen and Ginkgo Bioworks use vast metagenomic databases, machine learning, and robust automated laboratories to design microbes custom-suited to manufacture a desired good such as the cotton in your T-shirt.

Animal Biotechnology

Much like Molly the cloned sheep, molecular biology techniques are applied to genetically engineer/modify animals to bring about desirable characteristics such as higher muscle mass, and improved hardiness. Selective breeding is a very common practice where animals with good features are bred with each other so that their offspring will also result in the same traits. This is performed on the molecular level too where genetic characteristics among the animals are selected and such animals are bred. Machine Learning helps in understanding the genomics and making informed decisions and enhancing the capabilities of scientists in predicting the expression of those genes.

Human genomics

Each individual human has its own unique genetic footprint also known as their genome, by sequencing the genome of a human we can understand all minute details about him/her, from any allergies, to possible future medical conditions like cancer or heart disease, to even resistances and efficacies to drugs. After sequencing the size of a human genome is around 200 Gigabytes! This is only for a single person and is a lot of data to sift through manually. With advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning applications, researchers are better able to interpret and act on this genomic data.

With tools like Google’s DeepVariant, geneticists can now get an accurate picture of the full genome while being able to detect small mutations from random errors. This data could warn doctors of future diseases pertaining to this individual. AI & Deep learning was instrumental in effectively training DeepVariant.

Advantages of AI in Biotechnology

·  Time-saving - Since biotechnology is a field in which large amounts of data are constantly gathered, keeping track, and processing all this data would take tremendous amounts of time for humans alone. Computers have made this task quicker, and now the advent of Artificial Intelligence promises to shave off even more time.

·  Cost-effective – As mentioned above, crunching through piles and piles of data will use up a considerable amount of man-hours, If a neural network is trained to do such tasks the need for manual labor will be nullified. Furthermore, since errors are fewer, less money is wasted

            ·  Scalability – An AI-powered system will be able to adapt to new challenges better than a usual computerized system, furthermore neural networks can be trained for a wide range of functions and then adapt differently to specific ones. And many morethese are just the primary advantages of applying AI in  Biotechnology.

The FUTURE.....

The future of this marriage between these 2 titans of science is bright, from human genome sequencing being a cheap and mandatory procedure, scientists and doctors being able to halt a pandemic such as the recent Covid-19 in its tracks by the speedy development of a cure, no more waiting lists for organ donations therefore no more unnecessary deaths. And maybe humanity will finally have a chance at tackling the big fish like world hunger and overpopulation. We must not be afraid to venture on ahead and discover, for it is then that we truly support the human race.

Artificial Intelligence in the Fashion Industry

Artificial Intelligence has stepped to the Fashion Industry


Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Fashion may at first seem like two vastly different aspects of our lives. One is the study of Intelligence in machines while the other is the manner in which we wear our clothes, hair, and other such accessories. However, like everything else in our modern lives, we see technology and digitization seep into every aspect of our lives and it should not be a surprise when technology entwines itself with fashion as well. As an industry worth at least 3 trillion USD it’s vital that the fashion industry augments itself and evolves as it progresses with the rest of the world. This leads us to technology within the fashion industry where AI has heralded a new age. AI has been instrumental in dealing with new fashion trends, identifying consumer needs, designing new fashions as well as being present in the production process. And as such, it has taken the industry to new heights. 

Fashion store with good database

Satisfying the Masses

A significant amount of people shop for clothing online. One survey observed that 80% of the population in the US utilize online shopping websites and applications. Of this, the fashion industry holds a significant number of consumers. In order to customize for each consumer, Artificial Intelligence is employed in a multitude of ways. From conversational home assistants like Google Home and Amazons Alexa to Image recognition where the user can photograph the item and the AI will search the internet for offers and display them to the user. This method can be used with screenshots as well.

In the physical retail market, innovations like the smart mirror enable the user to stand in front of a camera and display where they can browse through the store's selections and see how various clothes look on them without even wearing them first. The AI is able to fit the clothes on to a digital projection of the user. This facilitates the need for fit on rooms and the like thus reducing the hassle of the user while satisfying the users' fashion needs.


Designing the Fashion

When comes to designing fashion, we see AI scanning and analyzing current trends. An AI will scan user preferences and user data as well. This propagated through a vast network of questionnaires that the AI will present to a number of users across the internet and AI operated chatbots who operate as virtual assistants who would speak to the users in order to identify their needs. AI is also able to analyze the fashion market as well. This makes the AI capable of predicting the market along with user tastes. This allows the AI to predict the future of the market with respect to demand while also forecasting the trends of the future to an extent due to the fact that it can process much more of the data given by the users much more efficiently than the human brain. Therefore, the AI would already have options available for the designers to work on even before a season starts.

Additionally, the AI is able to compare and contrast designer designs with the market and indicate what designs might be more popular. AI is also capable of designing clothes by itself after analyzing popular trends and copying them. The designer can then in turn work on that particular product to make it better for the market.


Manufacturing the Product

In terms of manufacturing, we see a gradual incline in the use of AI and automated machinery in the industry. Machines that can execute procedures that require four people all at once have been introduced into the fashion industry. A few years ago, machines could not handle the dexterity or delicateness required to handle material such as cloth. But now, through machine learning, AI has eliminated those deficiencies and created a better, faster , and stronger alternative to physical labor. Due to customer personalization, a result of the predicting done by the AI, a significant drop has been observed in the number of returned products. Additionally, the AIs predictions allow companies to manage their inventory and identify what products sell better and what products do not.


AI has really transformed the fashion industry in all of its aspects. We can observe AI and its handiwork spread out through the entire production process up until the customer themselves have used the product. Customers are able to purchase products that have been customized for them with the current trends and season in mind. They are delivered straight from the machines in the factories through a web application and right to their very doorstep. AI has revolutionized the fashion industry by evolving and interconnecting every facet of the industry together.

The Best investment for your leisure time

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Hence is getting to deliver you a full diagram of Vindale Inquire about so you'll choose in the event that marking up is worth your time. let’s get begun. 
    This is .....
 Vindale Research is a research platform, an online platform with fully marketed with service owners and fully occupied detail database where you can earn by engaging with surveys and offers completion.  Vindale was founded in NY, the USA in 2006. It owns by Nathanael EhrichSince 2006 it has been distributed to other continents well. 

How Vindale Research works with you? 
It looks lovely straightforward and win-win for everybody – isn’t it? But we'll see into this on the off chance that things are truly that basic when we share what their clients got to say around their encounters. But the beginning sign-up prepare looks exceptionally simply as it is. 
  •  Vindale pays its members to complete various surveys, that absolutely offer that Vindale has negotiated with its advertisers.  
  • When you complete one of these surveys, the advertiser pays to vindale 
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 Will consider a real-world example: - 
let’s say there is a large-scale Puppy shop is looking for the people who hire puppies that live in NY.  Think If you have completed a “Pet survey” with Vindale and you can tell Vindale that you own puppies for rent and live in NY. Next  Vindale sells your information to that Puppy Shop owner or t advertiser for a fee. In return back, Vindale pays an amount for completing the survey study. So briefly, this is the way Vindale works with you. 

Next will step to the foremost features of Vindale that most reviews a lot... 

1.Vindale Research is a job bank 
Wow, as you know when registering with vindale you are requested to submit your details with the database of the Vindaleso in the sense of the survey study purpose but also it makes you suggest match able job opportunities of your area. You can select part-time, full time, contract- basis, or any kind of job opportunity from these. 

2.Vindale gives you video option to earn more 
This is Very easier than filling surveys, you have just to watch videos and can earn up to $0.25. Someone who is fed-up on surrey filling can try as a change. 

3.Vindale never fed up of help to earn you more by similar programs 
Fantastic, when you study with Vindale Research, it shows/suggests some survey research programs with you where you can earn more. they’re currently pushing Ipsos, Points Club, an Instacart shopper. 
No doubt, Vindale gets paid when you sign up for these external websites. But at the same time, from this, you get the chance to earn money from those other platforms once you registered. So, you can try this too. 

4.Paid Referral program  
Another method for you to earn is sending your friends the referral link that is provided by Vindale that is unique for you, If the friends sign in to the Vindale through that link you are getting paid of $5. Hey, come on, you can have a nice cappuccino at $5. 

5.Mails with Reward codes 
You can also enroll in Vindale’s reward mail program, which normally publishes through Facebook, Blog, and Twitter. All you need to click on their message and read.  then they will offer $0.1. that is also quite interesting. 

6. Your beautiful pose makes you paid 
This is beautiful, I have click on you having proof that you were getting paid from Vindale Research company. That makes a chance to add extra $5. Vindale collects your photos and keep them with them because it appreciates much the customer satisfaction. 

Payments from Vindale Research  
This is the foremost feature, once your account fills up to $50. You are eligible to withdraw your money.  
Very special point the most of clients searching the legitimacy of most of the online platforms, no worries Vindale is a legit survey platform that owns lots of clients/users who earned from Vindale. But for it can be varied. 
According to my view everyone does not complain about Vindale in the term of Vindale Research review section.  No wonder there are many good reviews towards this platform which shows they are accurate and popular. Among them, some quantity of these reviews came from satisfied users.  
 Below are some common Comments of them, 
  • Get paid without any doubt after reached the level of $50. 
  • Easy and quick payments via PayPal or bank checks. 
  • Easy possible access to earn quickly if you can select your kind of survey type according to your eligibility simply playing smart and passion.  
At the same time, Vindale Research never promises you that earnings make you rich, they offer some bugs you giving an opportunity to earn some alternative income except to your current income. 
If some users can complain without having patience, the slow mode of earning and wastage of time with Vindale. Well Vindale clearly mentions it too in their Privacy policies with rules and regulations, so one who signs in to the platform he has to obey the policies and smart earning is the best. Another user also hit back at the people who were complaining about the slow pace of earning. If you are smart enough to be played with your maximum eligibility each and everything would be easy and fast. 
When it comes to the Vindale payment system, it is also can be found to comparatively higher than the other survey research platforms. Vindale research platform pays $0.25-$.25 and of course $50 for each and every completed survey. In some exceptional cases Vindale pays more than $50. So how can any client complain this is not a place for good pay.  Again, I would like to mention to be Smart, yes it pays more. 
Another significant thing is not only the surveys but also there are plenty of other options in Vindale as I mentioned above pointwise that can help you to find easy online money. If you feel bored of getting involved with surveys, fine you can watch a video by Vindale, click a mail reward code or you can suggest your friend to Vindale offering your referral link. 

Great Now is the time to leave my Vindale Research Review! 
According to my thoughts You must choose your survey with reference to your eligibility and believe me you must be very much of patience when doing this. The prominent feature that I love most is vindale is simply Straight forward, if you fill the survey, this is your money.   
As I mentioned above Vindale is rich enough to pay you at the right time without any doubt. If there is a problem with that you can google the proofs of paid users from Vindale Research platform, you can easily find. but you must be patient and have a good understanding of the Vindale process. 
Vindale Research platform is one of the most payable research platforms that is well established. You are free enough to engage with some alternate money, a good working computer, and a powerful WIFI connection just easy you can have fun with Vindale. 
Anyway, the uttermost truth is, whatever you work with, what platform makes you easy, the fantastic truth is to earn alternative income. So be wise, invest your time intelligence, and be simply smart. Most probably Vindale would be an extra supporter for your bold step. 


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