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Joe Biden, The story of a man who lost everything in a matter of minutes and who risen again and shined.

He is stepping to the seat of the world's powerful president…

Many see Joe Biden as an experienced and mature politician who is now on the verge of ruling the world's 'most powerful country, United States of America'. He is the opponent of DonaldTrump of the presidential election of USA 2020 who gained the presidential medal for freedom in 2017, USA. Once you read this article, he might be the president. 


Every large and victorious step is coming from the burnt and damaged feet. 

Also, for Joe Biden, the early stages of his life were a stormy one. Most people do not know that. This man we see today was created from the lowest point of life, after falling further down. 

Young days of  Joe Biden

Young Joe Biden, who began his career as a lawyer, soon entered politics. In 1972, he became the 5th the youngest senator in American history to represent the Democratic Party. Representing the state of Delaware.

An unexpected life experience that could never be replaced

But that festivity did not last for at least a month. His wife, Neilia Hunter-Biden, and their only daughter, two sons, were on their way to Christmas shopping that year when a tractor-trailer crashed into them. Neilia and her one-year-old and one-month-old daughter, Naomi Christina Biden, died on the spot, following a horrific car accident. Within minutes, Joe Biden fell from a man who owned everything to a man who lost everything.

Joe Biden  was a single father

He became a single father, living with his two young sons who were seriously injured in the accident. He carried his two sons in his arms and was determined to face life. Where the crash was at its maximum, he once even thought of committing suicide.

 "For the first time in my life, I realized that people think very well and commit suicide," he later said. Just because he could not bear to be orphaned, losing both his sons and parents, he decided to live longer. 

On his way home from a 4-hour train ride every day, he read and studied children's stories that could put his sons to sleep and go home to pick up the children. He used to wake up every morning and cook breakfast for the kids before going to work. 

A man can rise with a hope

'' Imagine how thousands of people suffer when we have nothing. Even so, they try to walk one step at a time every day. That is the spirit of the American people", He later recalled the experience at a public meeting. 

 Five years later, in 1977, he remarried. She is Jill Tracy Jacob, who had two sons separated by law. Joe Biden became the father of another daughter in 1981. The beautiful woman, who was also an educator, later turned Joe Biden's life story into a children's storybook that young children could understand.

Joe as a vice President

During his tenure as Vice President of the Obama administration, his eldest son, Beau Biden, 46, who was raised without a mother, died of brain cancer. Beau was a lawyer, politician, and military officer who followed in his father's footsteps.

"Every morning, Jill and I tell ourselves this is not a joke. I ask myself. Was he proud of me? " That's how Joe Biden added his emotional thoughts on his son's untimely death. 

How did Joe Biden cope with such difficult times in life? He says one saying caused it. It means 'Faith sees the best in the dark' or 'Faith sees the best in the dark'. The loss of his son Beau gave him a new purpose in life. He still wanted to see his son proud of himself. The same is needed today.

That is why he says with conviction,

"The beginning, the middle and the end are the family."

According to Barack Obama, learning about Joe Biden means learning about love without deception, serving without selfishness, and how to live a fulfilling life ...


Finally, this is not a political story, this is about a story of the father and a man who raised up among a thousand ups and downs that made meaning to life.

World's Youngest Prime Minister is a Lady

You will have setbacks, but you will always land back on your feet 🍃🍁🌼

Sanna Marin was recently named the Prime Minister of Finland,  making her the youngest Prime Minister in the world. She was 34 years old  when she became Prime Minister. Many saw the importance of substituting the world for the country's highest role model for youth. Essential. It's no secret that her age has paid special attention to her. But before considering how crucial the age is, it is worth studying the way she came to the post of Prime Minister at the age of 34.

Sanna Mirella Marin was born on November 15, 1985, in Helsinki. She may have a biological father. But according to Wikipedia, she has two mothers. That is, she is the only child of a lesbian family.

In 2004, at the age of 19, she graduated from Pirkkala High School. She graduated from the University of Tampere in 2007 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Administration Science. From 2010 to 2012, she was the first vice president of the Finnish Social Democratic Youth Union. She was nominated for the first time as a candidate of the SPD in 2012 but was not elected to parliament.
In 2012, at age 27, she was elected to the Tampere City Council and served as its Mayor from 2012 to 2017.

She was elected as the second vice president of the Social Democratic Party in 2014. In 2015, at the age of 30, she was first elected to parliament representing the Prikanmaa region. Four years later, in 2019, she was re-elected to parliament for a second term and was appointed Minister of Transport and Communications.
In December 2019, the Social Democratic Party proposed the name of Sanna Marin as the next Prime Minister following the resignation of the then Finnish Prime Minister, Antti Rinne, for failing to manage the Finnish postal strike.

She proposed this by defeating her opponent, Antti Lindtman, by a very small margin in an internal election. She made her name as the youngest prime minister in the world. 👩 👑

Simply her story. Most of the Asian countries will be pleasantly surprised to learn this. She had at least held a ministerial portfolio for several months. Although there are much more qualified than the Sanna Marin in the parliament, it would be a disadvantage for such seniority to be considered for a higher position in the country such as the Prime Minister's post.

It also lacks positive features. But it does not mean that young politicians like Sanna Marin have no right to take up politics. It is a great tragedy. This does not mean that being young is a meritocracy in politics. Nelson Mandela is 76 years old. Mahathir Mohamed is 94 years old when he takes office in 2018. Therefore, it is not age but potential and competence. There should be no other obstacles to the one who is capable and strong.

if Sanna Marin is in another country in the world, the first problem maybe she will have is the child of a same-sex family. And also she is a single parent for her child. If she had run for the prime minister and contested at least one municipal council, various reactionary parties would starve against it. She will somehow prevent by people..

Either way, it will be a topic that has little to do with politics. Whatever her skill and ability, she will be pushed to the corner saying she needs more experience and time. Then, when she gets the opportunity, according to the seniority order, she too will become a politician around the country's traditional pillar. 

The world wants more young strong leaders, let them to grow, let them to make changes, there is nothing impossible. In each and every case You will have setbacks, but you will always land back on your feet. Every next level of your life will demand a different you 💎 

A packet of biscuits can also make a Positive Vibe

Life advice from an experience of a packet of biscuits 🍩🍪🍫

A woman at the airport realizes that she has two hours to go to a shop in the airport and buy a magazine and a small packet of biscuits.
Then at the same point in the airport, a man sits next to a chair and starts reading the magazine, in the meantime, she puts her hand into the packet of biscuits and starts chewing a biscuit. Suddenly, the man sitting next to him starts to eat a biscuit from the packet. The woman reading the book suddenly looks at him.

"You're going to eat more and more of my biscuits."

She thinks so, but she manages to regain her temper and read the magazine again. When she takes a biscuit this way, that man takes the biscuits in the same bag without any upset.

"What a shameless man this is!"
The woman thought that. She was very angry.

But the man was eating biscuits very comfortably. As soon as the woman dropped the last biscuit in the bag, the man suddenly took it and broke it in two and gave it to her.

"This man must have been crazy.”
She looked at him with a furious look.
That look and the slight smile on her face disappeared as she listened to her accusation and became a sad face.
At the same time, the woman started to hear that the plane was about to leave. She went ahead with her luggage, looking back at the man angrily.
She saw the man in distress and wonder.
As soon as he got off the plane, she turned around again to see if he was there, but you left.
The woman got on the plane.
Halfway over to sit in the seat and read the magazine again. She caught her bag of biscuits. She was deeply shy and sympathetic to that man.
Because she was paying attention to the ocean, she spent her time thinking of herself as the biscuit that the man was eating.
"What a friendly man he was. He wanted to share the last bisque with me.”
She was deeply upset. She left the scene with regret knowing she would never meet him again.

Never be quick to judge someone or something. Because we can all be wrong. People who think you're good in society can be bad. And some people who think you're bad can be good.
Regardless of who we are, we should never look at others. Think twice, not thousands of times before. Do not rush in any place.
The blame may be on our hands so Let's build social relationships intelligently and attentively.

Have a WISE FUTURE beauties 👩

MRS WORLD 2020, Speaks 💓

Sri Lankan Carolyn Jurie crowned at Las Vegas, USA as the title of THE MRS WORLD for  2020 on the last 06th of December.

Carolyn Jury is 27 years old young lady who lived in a foreign country. She has quit her job and returned to Sri Lanka and was lucky enough to be crowned as Mrs Sri Lanka 2019. She is a mother for a daughter, a lovely wife, and a SriLankan woman, especially she is a Marketing cum advertising professional.

If you think for a moment that marriage is a matter of purpose, f a mother who has children says that there is no other life out there, she has answered all the questions that the girl in the world has ever felt.
She may have lost her life one day, the world may have depressed her, she may have had to deal with the troubles of society, she may have been stoned, and she may have made many sacrifices along the way.
But her unanimous demeanor, extraordinary dedication and pursuit of her cause ultimately led her to crown.

After many humble sacrifices, a Sri Lankan woman named Carolyn, a loving wife, and mother of a daughter was crowned the world's most beautiful married woman.

When in the MRS WORLD Pageant her voice for all women is made very significant,

“When I was a child, I had a lot of trouble. As a result, I was diagnosed with depression. As a result, I have attempted suicide. Therefore, I look forward to my next year as the Queen of World Marriage for children with mental retardation and their mental health”. 
This statement helps us to understand how important the mind is to live. 

 so girls don't let your previous shits to cover and hurt you,
Sometimes it’s your gut. Telling you to run. Telling you to go ahead. Because you thinking it might be too good to be true, to be excellent is 100 percent accurate and it makes you the new demand of you. 💫

People don't talk straightly in Public


The lie is harmful to the other person. 😖
Therefore, stay true enough. Speak straight. Never be tempted to do something else for someone's life. One of our words can ruin someone else's life, can confuse a mind. Words are painful and powerful.
Become a person who cannot be aroused.
If something happens, talk directly to the person and ask for it directly.
Stay away from the gossip bombs, 👄if you can't do this, then beware of their speech and actions 😏

Because a man who gives fire can jump into the body of an innocent man who doesn't know a thing. Therefore, many problems can be solved in this way. The easiest way is to speak directly. Speaking up is a good backbone. It requires a lot of energy.
Because a man who gives fire can jump into the body of an innocent man who doesn't know a thing. Therefore, many problems can be solved in this way. The easiest way is to speak directly. Speaking up is a good backbone. It requires a lot of energy.
If someone has done something wrong, 💁 
surrender to self-respect, talk to others where necessary but try not to be confused by the problems of others.
There should be life bonds, but don't lose your peace of mind.

💟Believe in yourself,
And tell me what to do and how it will affect someone, think not twice, think a lot.
Never try to solve the problem through the middlemen.

One thing to believe in 💫🙏🙌
Don't cause trouble to others' lives. Be honest, be honest and speak directly. 🙍
Whatever it is, whoever gives the flame, the mask will disappear and at some point, nature will do us justice.

And everyone who says things that are not a joke must be confronted with karma, karma today or tomorrow or not. 

Amaizing Thinking Start-ups

Amazing Thinking Start-ups 👩👩🎓👗💄👠

Hey girls, 💐

Do you ever thought about how your passionate dreams, goals and long-term vision guide you to be a giant in your world? Of course, YES.
Totally what your mind guides you to do is the best thing you should have to do and what your mind explain to do is the best explanation that you have to refer. No others interferences, no others bushtit fucking ideas, no more back pillars for your path to GOAL. 🎯

YOU are the SAILER who SAIL your BOAT to the HELL or HEAVEN 💫


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