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I've found the World's Best Lover πŸ’žπŸ’‘

Severus Snape is the BEST EVERπŸ’—πŸ

If you were asked who was the favorite character in the Harry Potter story, they would all have different answers. The answer is, of course, the name Severus Snape.
Yes, today I'm going to talk about a favorite character in the Harry Potter story, Half-Blood Prince, or Severus Snape.

Severus Snape was born on January 9, 1960, as an English, Half Blood witch. His father was Muggle, Tobias Snape. His mother was a witch, Eileen Prince. Severus grew up in Cokeworth Village, Spinner's End, where the environment was not ideal. As a child, Severus was greatly troubled by frequent conflicts between his parents. For this reason, he was eager to get to Hogwarts as soon as he was 11 years old.
It is not wrong to call Tobias the father of Severus as a pessimist. Severus once referred to his father as "He doesn't like anything much".
Severus' mother was a skinny witch, and the two of them had the same face as Severus's mother could tell.

Not long before he left for Hogwarts, Severus saw a young girl of his own who was playing in the open air in his village, and from that moment on in his mind, a strange feeling began to erupt. That girl is the Lily Evans we all know or Harry's mom. Severus was reluctant to start a friendship with her because she was a muggle and a witch. One day, however, Severus decides to talk to her. And Severus does not hesitate to explain her abilities. At this, Lily's sister Petunia comes and takes Lily in jealousy. But somehow, Lily, who believes in Severus, becomes friends with him. One day, Severus goes to her house with Lily and finds a letter sent to Hogwarts in Petunia's room.
He can't believe a Muggle could send him letters to Hogwarts. When he looked at the article, it contained a letter Petunia sent to Dumbledore. It stated that she and her sister were allowed to study at Hogwarts. But Dumbledore politely declined. Meanwhile, while Severus and Lily are talking on the banks of the river, Severus tells Lily many things about the world of Hogwarts, Ministry of Magic, Azkaban, Dementors and more. Meanwhile, Petunia, hiding in a bush, looks at him and mocks him on Severus' dress. Frightened by this, Lily questions Severus because he suspects that he did.
But Severus claims he didn't. But Lily isn't ready to believe it, and she's angry at Severus and decides to go with Petunia.

The 9 3/4 Platform 
On the stage of Hogwarts 9 3/4, Petunia angrily tells Lily that he has no intention of going to Hogwarts, and that Hogwarts is a place where only Pizzas like Severus and Lily can learn. Lily said that she knew Petunia had begged her to write to Hogwarts. Petunia, very embarrassed by this, was determined not to have any dealings with Lily again.

Lily, who was traveling in the same cabin with Severus on the train, told him about the confrontation with his sister, but Severus told her not to ignore it. He also reminded her that they were heading to Hogwarts within a few hours. Lily had the pleasure of knowing that she was about to enter the world with the beautiful things she learned from Snape about the world of magic.
Snape said it would be a great pleasure if they were elected to the Slytherin home. James Potter, an eccentric boy wearing a pair of sunglasses, responded by saying that he would like to be elected to Gryffindor. Snape responded with derision, making Snape the first Hogwarts enemy of James and his friend Sirius Black.

In their Sorting Ceremony, James and Sirius were elected to the Gryffindor's house and Lily was elected to the Gryffindor. This shocked Snape, as he was elected to the Slytherin house and was unable to sit down with Lily at the same table. Snape was welcomed by Lucius Malfoy, a senior student at Slytherin Homes. Snape is one of the best in the school. In particular, Defense Against the Dark Arts and Potion are two subjects that Snape specializes in. And he had his own Nickname. That's Half-Blood Prince. Here, Half-Blood is the type of blood he used, and Prince is the name before his mother's marriage. He wrote a variety of Notes in his Potion Book. Many of the spells he invented were among them. Sectumsempra is one of the best-known spells.

It is a form of magic that constantly attacks an opponent with an invisible sword. We can get a better understanding of Snape's magic.
He also wrote methods that were more successful than the ones that were printed on the book when making Potion. These were highly successful, and Snape was more knowledgeable than the book's writers.

During school, James and his friends (Sirius, Lupin, Peter) put pressure on Snape and called him Snape by the nickname Snivellus. James and his team had a habit of harassing Snape, who had always tried to be alone.
Meanwhile, Snape is getting tired of Lupin's Werewolf secret. In search of this, Snape meets Weupolf and James, who is in the cave in the willow tree, mourning. Lupin, who was out of control at the time, was controlled by James.
At this point, Snape escapes and the incident tortures Snape. However, Snape's and Lily's friendship continues and Lily's friends do not approve of this. The reason was that Snape's group of friends at the time were fond of Dark Arts.

So, Lily informs Snape on one occasion. Angered by this, Snape asks Lily if she agrees with what James and his associates are doing. Lily gives an unacceptable answer here. "At least they don't use Dark Magic." Her answer was that.

One day in their fifth year, when they are alone on the river Snape, James and his companions come and bother Snape. One against four. Lily arrives and angrily tells Snape not to bother. However, Lily denies this, saying that even with the giant octopus in Ova, she will not go with him. When Snape has hurt again, Lily raised her stick and jumped in the middle, saying she would take Snape's side and fight. James said, "You're lucky Evans was here, Snivellus." The next few words from Snape's mouth, which was embarrassing, shattered the most beloved story in the story in a moment.

"I don't need help from filthy little Mud blood like her!"
The words that emanated from the sudden rage of the heart were powerful enough to break Lily's heart.
In the next few days, Snape apologized profusely to her, but Lily didn't make it to the border. For this reason, Snape joined Voldemort's Death Eaters team with his Slytherin friends as he walked through the dark. For the next few years, he barely met Lily.
Meanwhile, Snape's heartache for Lily, knowing that he was married to James, was heartbreaking. Needless to say, the only love in his life was to marry his chief enemy.

With this, Snape served Voldemort as one of Voldemort's trusted death eater. At Voldemort's command, Snape works as a teacher at Hogwarts to spy on Dumbledore. In the meantime, Snape can hear a conversation between Dumbledore and Sybil Trelawney. That's what Sybil tells Dumbledore about Harry and Voldemort's Prophecy. When Snape tells Voldemort, he understands that his power can only be challenged by Harry Potter or Neville Longbottom. Voldemort decides to kill Harry first. With this, Snape realizes the seriousness of what he has done. Snape realizes that Lily, the love of his life, is about to die, and urges Voldemort to save Lily's life. But Snape, who knows who Voldemort is, goes to Dumbledore and confesses. And we ask Dumbledore to take Lily and Harry to a safe place. There, Dumbledore blames Snape and tells him what Snape is doing for him. In a single word, Snape says "Anything".
Voldemort, James, and Lily kill James' old friend Peter Pettigrew over the betrayal of his old friend. Voldemort flees, unable to kill Harry, and Snape arrives only after all is over. He was crying on the ground. It is described in the book as, "He looked like a man who lived a hundred years of misery." Na Snape, who has been suicidal since the incident, promises to commit to Harry's defense as Dumbledore explains. As a result, Snape continues to work on Hogwarts' Potion teaching.

With the retirement of Horace Slughorn, Snape will be promoted to Head of Slytherin Home. When Harry arrives at Hogwarts, Snape makes sure to not treat Harry well, as Harry remembers Snape, his enemy James. Meanwhile, Dumbledore has asked Snape to keep an eye on Professor Quirrell. Snape performed that duty very well. Also, when Snape prevented Harry from doing a Counter Curse when Quirrell's bond fell over him during a Quidditch match. In the years to come, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire will hurt the Dark Mark Tattoo on Snape and all Death Eaters. That means Voldemort is getting more and more powerful. Then somehow Voldemort is reborn and summoned back to his Death Eaters. All the Death Eaters except Snape come back to kneel at Voldemort.

The last battle πŸ’₯

During this time there will be a discussion between Dumbledore and Snape, as well as plans for a larger plan. Dumbledore tells Snape to go after Voldemort and act as Dumbledore's spy. So two hours after meeting the other Death Eaters La Voldemort, Snape goes to meet Voldemort and tells him that he stopped at the Hogwarts because he didn't expect a return to the Dark Lord. Voldemort does not doubt this because Snape owns many years of data from Dumbledore's life. And even though the most powerful Voldemort can read the minds of others, Snape cannot be exposed because Snape is an expert on Occlumency. That is, Snape had the ability to close his mind without letting Voldemort enter his mind. She also joined Snape Dumbledore's Order of Phoenix, which played the role of a spy.
Snape worked to provide some of its information to Voldemort with Dumbledore's knowledge. Voldemort could hardly have imagined that Snape was loyal to himself and not to Dumbledore, because of the superiority of Snape's Occlumency.
Then one day, Dumbledore meets Snape in order to cure one of Voldemort's Horcrux, a deadly spell. Dumbledore asked him how long it would take him to die of that illusion.
In response, Snape said it was about a year. Here Dumbledore has a new idea. It's about Draco Malfoy. Voldemort had sent Draco to death for Dumbledore as a punishment for the disappointment of Lucius Malfoy's actions. Knowing this, Dumbledore said that Snape should be concerned about Draco and that if he kills, Snape should be killed, not Draco.
Dumbledore said the reason for this was that if Draco committed a murder, it would cause him to go to the dark side.

"That boy's soul is still so damaged, I would not have had it ripped apart on my account."
A heated argument ensued between Dumbledore and Snape, but Snape eventually agreed. Dumbledore also promised Snape that he would keep all the students of Hogwarts safe after he died.
Before the new school season begins, Draco's mother, Narcissa Malfoy and Bellatrix's Lestrange meet with Snape, where Narcissa asks Snape to help him fulfill the role that Voldemort entrusted to Draco. If, according to the case during the Bellatrixs Snape's loyalty in saying Unbreakable. A vow is the one from the Draco Dumbledore who was able to kill it by Snape. So during the school year, Snape looked up to Draco and tried to help him. But the haughty Draco refused to help, saying that it was his only work and that Voldemort should show his loyalty and strength.

During this time, Dumbledore and Snape have a dispute over these events, at which point Dumbledore reveals to Snape a truth that no one knew. the hat is when Voldemort tries to kill Harry on the day Lily dies, a part of Voldemort's soul is buried in Harry's body, and Harry must die after all the Horcruxes are destroyed in order for Voldemort to die. This was a severe blow to Snape's head. He was angry about Dumbledore.

“You used me. I spied for you. I have risked my life. He did it to keep Lily's son safe. Now you say you took care of him like a pig that a butcher wouldn't kill until he was old enough?”. 
Snape told Dumbledore in a fit of rage. But Dumbledore asked if you were mature enough to look after Harry. Right away, Snape takes his staff and performs the Patronus Charm. That leaves Doe, who is similar to Lily's Patronus. Dumbledore's eyes widen in surprise.
What he asks about Snape and Snape's answer is the main reason why my favorite dialogue and the whole story builds throughout the entire story.

Dumbledore: -"Lily... After all this time?"
Snape: -"ALWAYS"

A few months after this, Draco plans to kill Dumbledore, but Draco is unable to kill Dumbledore. As a result, Snape kills Dumbledore by fulfilling both promises to Dumbledore and Narcissa. Then Snape, along with a few other Death Eaters, including Bellatrix, Draco, flee the Hogwarts mansion. Harry pursues them and he tries to harm Snape with various spells. Snape can easily avoid all those spells because Harry is one of the few knee-jerk guys he has ever seen with Snape.

Snape is disappointed when Harry finally addresses him.

"Fight back, You Coward."

He's sacrificed everything for that stupid boy Harry ... who loved his boy's mother more than anything else in the world ... He's risked his life every day ... He's not a coward. His face changed drastically this time. There was a tremendous amount of pain hidden in his face.

"Don't call me Coward!"

That's all he said.

Sold out of Voldemort's mind, Snape gives him another tip on how to take Harry safely.
But at the same time, Snape, through Mundungus Fletcher, tells the Order of Phoenix to use a Polyjuice potion and some of Harry's likeness in this operation. Battle of the Seven Potters will be remembered.
Meanwhile, Snape goes to the headquarters of the old Order of Phoenix, where he finds a letter sent by Lily to Sirius. It features a little Harry, a Broomstick, and a picture of Lily smiling and looking at it. Snape stares at this letter with a sorrowful heart. Tearing down the letter "Lots of Love, Lily" in the letter and Lily laughing, she holds on to it.
Snape, who later becomes headmaster of Hogwarts, defends Dumbledore's promise to ensure the safety of all students. Snape finds Gryffindor Sword in the headmaster's office and hides Dumbledore's picture on the back wall, replacing it with a fake sword. In Dumbledore's will, he receives the Gryffindor Sword but receives a fake sword. When the time comes, Snape decides to give it to Harry. Snape is using its Patronus to give Harry the identity without revealing his identity. Eventually, Harry arrives at the Hogwarts and the professors of the Order of Phoenix and the Hogwarts chase Snape out of Hogwarts castle. In the aftermath of the Battle of Hogwarts, extensive damage to property and casualties. At the end of the night, Voldemort calls Snape. Snape was planning to tell Harry the truth after the call but was unsuccessful because Voldemort made the call to kill Snape. Voldemort kills Snape in order to get the rightful possession of the Elder Wand. After Voldemort leaves, Harry sits next to Snape, who is about to die. Snape finally gives a tearful kiss to Harry and reveals the truth to him in a shuddering tone.

"Look .... at .... me ......."

Snape wanted to see Lily's eyes even at the moment of death.
Dumbledore's best spy, the lover who has sacrificed his life for his love, the patient who worked the plan to the end when a world hates it, the great genius who even deceived Voldemort.
So these are not enough reasons to be the favorite character in the Whole series.

Finally, there is this;

"We don't know the definition of True Love, But the thing it is in Lily can be defined for the heart of Snapes.

True love can do anything in the world πŸ’žπŸŒΉπŸ’‘

The law of marriage with the rapist

The law of marriage with the rapist😨

Franca Viola was a beautiful girl.πŸ‘© 
Born in the outskirts of Alcamo, Sicily, she was beautiful, feminine and beautiful, living a quiet life in her father's small farm as a fine handmaiden.

When she was just fifteen, she had been accidentally seen by a mafia leader, Filippo Melodia, and since then her father was tired of asking her to marry him, and when she finally reached the age of maturity, the word 'will marry her to you” fell out of his mouth.

immediately thereafter, Melodia, then 23, was convicted of robbery and jailed and the marriage promise was canceled. As time went by, Viola became more and more beautiful, and she fell in love with a beautiful, handsome young man, Aweki.

Beautifully spent seasons were only a few months away. Fleeing to Germany, Melodia became a fully-fledged leader of the Mafia Mafia, a villain surrounded by a brutal atmosphere of German thuggery. The father's word, her reluctance, or his lover's objections were no more repulsive things, as he had come to take possession of the beautiful pet that he had promised for years.

Melodia's final rejection of hundreds of reprimand, innocent demands, and failures were reached. The Christmas Eve of 1965 was on. Early in the morning, in search of a dozen of his ruthless companions and Viola, he beats up his parents, lock her and her little brother in a blanket and seizes her in a lonely house on the border.

The brother was released the following day. Seventeen-year-old Viola Rebellion began. For eight days, she was raped and sexually assaulted as seriously as she could. He will not, by law, now seek refuge!

The Italian law, however, was notorious. In accordance with Article 544 of the Italian Penal Code, a rapist is not guilty by law if he marries the abuser and protects her and her family's dignity. They call it matrimonio riparatore (Rehabilitating Wedding).

Viola was released eight days later, on January 2, 1966. Melodia was nominally arrested when she complained about help with her father's law and immediately sought help. The mockingbird offered the matrimonio riparatore offer as expected. The law, culture and rural mindset allowed it to be so. What's the alternative for a woman with the news (donna svergognata)

But she rejected it by unexpected surprise. For the first time in Italian history, the oppressed woman has despised the right honored by the rapist. O! She said she couldn't. A brave woman has defied tradition.

This bitch has been made a traditional mistake to the pride of the rural villagers.
At the dreadful maximum of preserving the culture, an innocent family had sown the life that had been sown and burned to the brim. That was the farmer who fed them! That was the goosebumps. They were babies and children! No! They were unclean cynics who had defiled the morality and rejected the noble marriage of virginity. Where do they go and what's up?

However, in spite of all this, two undecided Franca Viola were behind. That father, lover. They found a lawyer for the plaintiffs and sued. The law sought help against lawlessness. The case was heard in December while the world was watching at once!

The historic verdict was granted in late May 1967, and Felipo Melodia was sentenced to eleven years in prison on charges of kidnapping, intimidation, and rape, and then sentenced to one year in prison and sentenced to a maximum of ten years.

Five others were sentenced to four years' imprisonment and others were warned. Will the case end? NO.

Friends, villagers have no case. They are innocent. Free
Over time, through exhaustion, effort, and tears, Viola tried to think of a new life.

YES, he is the lover of the century, the man whose love for the word is perfect.
Aweki, who was an accountant began a quiet, peaceful family life, and created a small nest full of love and warmth. πŸ‘ͺ

Filippo Melodia, who was jailed for ten years, was released in 1976, and within two years, he suffered several deaths and was stabbed to death.

Italian law was reformed. Slowly but steadfastly, everything was OK. It was the eighth decade of the twentieth century when it was finally out of action for another decade before the abusive clause in which the rapist had resorted to his law was invalidated. Also, 1996 was when rape was defined as a criminal offense from a crime against social morality.

The beautiful Franca Viola is still alive and well today. We wish her all the best of all the grandparents of the day. In the midst of the harassment of her rapist in a Mafia dome, she was able to escape the life that the neighboring society had forced her to do, destroying her with fate

That's her "No!" It is said that. Because you can't go. Because you cannot stand up against the world.

Dear ladies, if you say that you are right, you can say "No!".Tell when you want to say don’t. You have the right and the courage to say it. Remember the beautiful Viola, the instant the tongue hesitates. You'll never be alone as her! πŸ‘©πŸ‘Έ

Stand and Fight Sweet Heart

   Stand and Fight Sweet Heart

·        πŸ’“Some women are afraid of fire, some women become fire.

·        πŸ’“ It's hard to get rid of those who get up.

·       πŸ’“  My crown is slippery but I will never let it fall.

·       πŸ’“  In life too, we often choose the best option. Even if we go out to eat, that's what we do. The next best option in life involves sacrificing the ones we love.

·         πŸ’“Men need no reason to have sex with a woman. But a woman must have some reason to have sex with a man. It can be a cause of love, security, affection, listening to her problems, and stress-relieving. Whenever a woman has reason to join a man, she is ready to reward herself for the man, irrespective of age, appearance, race or religion. Female attraction does not get in the way of a permit or a secret location

·        πŸ’“ Plan A is not enough. Plan B also.

·        πŸ’“ The only emptiness is felt after a man is murdered and with a woman, he does not feel comfortable with.

·           Most Strong women are the strong believers that,
"if you really want power, you need to add power and go on a long journey, then you have to practice the magic and the magic of life".
As sculptor, you have to begin to create a life-style that would benefit you.

What should you do if you see your HUSBAND’S FLAWS?

What should you do if you see your HUSBAND’S FLAWS?

Some women jump at his husband when he sees something flawed. There are more women, who are not aware of their husband's faults. Frequent accusation and persistence are not characteristics of a good wife.
If you constantly blame your husband, he may not even listen to you. Just as you ignore his imperfections, you and your family are harmed.

Ex: The ill-effects of drunkenness should be explained while he is in his mind.
“What if something happens to you? So, think about both your children.”
Don't shout at the same time if he's throwing stuff away.
“We want to raise our children, don't we? We need to be role models for them.”

What if he blames you for something he did not do?
Many men have a flaw in speaking up. That is why they sometimes try to relieve the stress of the workplace through their wife. Be patient if he sees a flaw or scolds you. In a short time, explain the truth to him. Get him to discuss the issue openly.
And by keeping silent when he accuses you of wrongdoing, you're doing yourself a disservice. Too much patience will only encourage him to hurt you more. Don't be afraid to protest when needed. The society does not hesitate to hurt one who is tolerant of all things without opposition.

How often do you and others interfere in your problems?
In some families, the biggest problem is the involvement of the husband's family in a fight. In such a case, the husband becomes more and more frustrated with the husband's family and forces the husband to abandon them.
Therefore, a woman should be able to win her husband's heart and help her to explain this. Instead of trying to distance the husband from his relatives who have lived for the first time, let him feel the problems gradually.

How should a wife participate in the decision-making process?
In many families, the wife is not free to express herself. The main reason for this is the husband's existing motherhood. Some men do not want their place in the family to fall apart. Many women express their opinions to the detriment of a man.

“Oh, you are so stupid “.
 Instead, the wife says: “My husband will not accept my opinion. He feels that his idea is correct but he does not know”.
But the wife tactfully says: “Your idea is good. But I still feel that way. What do you think of my idea?”

They then think and act on the idea that their wife's idea is better.
Similarly, some wives remain silent when they see their husband making wrong decisions. It is not a characteristic of a good wife.


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