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Girls, others can read you by the pant you wear

Ladies Panty types in Fashion Vocabulary 👙👩💓

This is something important to every girl, every lady and every female.

Today we are going to get some simple and brief ideas about how to classify ladies’ panties in fashion vocabulary.

👙 Classic briefs
👙 High -cut briefs
👙 Hipsters
👙 Boy shorts
👙 Bikinis
👙 Control Briefs
👙 G-string
👙 Thongs

These are the types of panties we find in the market. And the work of underwear is also different.
The main point of the pants is that we cover the underwear, but depending on the floor, the different types of pants are different.

👙 Classic briefs are the type of panty we usually wear. This easy-to-use panty type can be worn on plywood skirts and jeans.

👙 High-cut briefs the front of the panties is high. Most suitable for high waist jeans.

👙 Hipster pants are one of the most frequently used. Because of its height, it is easy to pull off low waist jeans and pants.

👙 Thongs are also the kind of panty we always want. It belongs to just a few sexy panties.
Tight skirts and gowns give it a nice shape.

👙 Boy Shorts are the kind of panty we need. It's best to wear boy shorts panty for easy access to clothes and gowns.

👙 G-string is a panty-like panty similar to thongs. But the specialty of this is that there is only a small amount on the front and only a small belt on the back.
Ideal for leggings and tight skirts.

👙 Control Briefs are very comfortable panty type. This can be worn easily. Because of its tight elasticity, it is tight to the body. Suitable for high waist jeans and gowns

👙 Bikinis are the kind of panties we all know. These can be used for beachwear and swimming pools, and can be worn with shorts and light shoes.

So even though there are different types of underwear, I mean to give you a little understanding that you have to change the style according to the suit you are wearing.

Whatever kind of underwear you have, you have to be very careful about the cleanliness of it.And it's not a good idea to wear these underwear for too long. Also, the selection of a suitable type is the most considerable thing. And of course, when buying them in the market, remember to wash and clean before use it.

A Panty is a special part of your attire, Ladies. It makes you comfortable, beautiful and your personality. Once you choose it, think twice.

BE BEAUTIFUL SweetHearts 👸 💓💫


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