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Black Friday and target black Friday deals for the black week 2020


Black Friday vibes coming soon for the black week

Out of the many holidays celebrated, perhaps the one known most for the intense shopping sprees is Black Friday, the target Black Friday following Thanksgiving, which is, in 2021, the 27th of November. This black week or the black Friday holiday is well known in the US for the large amounts of bargain deals from shops and the ensuing mass of shoppers set on getting said deals. It also marks the start of the Christmas shopping season for retailers, especially in the USA.

The origins of the Black Friday

The term itself dates back to the early 60s, originating from Philadelphia in the US, where it was used to refer to the heavy pedestrian traffic on the day after Thanksgiving activity. This was the result of a football game between the navy and army academies located near the city. It was only in the 2000s that the term came to be widely associated with shopping. This is because of the sharp increase in sales, immediately following the Thanksgiving holiday, putting retailers and shops “in the black”, a term indicating financial stability or to gain profits.


Worldwide Reach of the target Black Friday

As of late, targetblack Friday has resulted in many deals and discounts being posted mainly in the US, but has started to spread worldwide, to mark the start of the Christmas shopping season albeit for different reasons.

 In the UK

For the UK, the the busiest shopping day was previously boxing day, and the term black Friday was used by the police for the Friday preceding Christmas. This was a result of many going out to drinking thus needing to increase the capacity of emergency services for the time. The event of known as “Black Friday shopping” came only in recent years when international American retailers in the UK, such as Amazon, employed sales in the same style as those in the States. Also, outdoor shopping is popular among people for branded outlets like reebok outlet, specially reebok sales, Adidas black Friday sales, Levi’s outlets, Nike, and for costumes Zara, H&M, M & S, Victoria Secrets stores. Other UK retailers followed suit and gradually the retail sales in November exceeded those in December, showing the shift from the traditional pattern of UK Christmas Shopping.

 In America and Canada

Due to the proximity and easy access to American shopping centers Canada started Black Friday deals of sales in order to stop people from crossing the border and partaking in American sales. Although Canada has black Friday sales to combat this issue, they aren’t as much of a bargain as American ones and the stronger Canadian dollar also prompts shoppers to cross the border for better deals.

The rest of the world

Other countries that observe Black Friday are; Australia, New Zealand, Germany, and France, among others. However other countries like India, Japan and China have that have different seasonal shopping seasons so the Black Friday event isn’t as pronounced. Instead, they have their own events such as Diwali [India] and Singles day [China].

Although an increasing number of retailers worldwide are adopting this method of the Black Friday sales. This is in part due to the influence of Amazon and their regional marketplaces such as Amazon UK, Amazon Australia, and many more, implementing black Friday discounts via their online platform.

What Black Friday means for Retailers?

With the huge discounts and price cuts one must wonder, what’s in it for the sellers?

Well it depends. This is because the store will lose money if the product is sold at a lower price than the cost or selling at a price that could have otherwise been higher that the current selling price. Because of that reason, we can see People love to online shopping this season. Customers chase Amazon offers that especially target blackFriday, because it’s offers target black Friday and comparatively lesser than other months. And also, people search 24-hour supermarket near me, grocery shops near me to buy goods for low prices these days.

 However, stores count on the fact that the customer will purchase other products on the same visit thus netting an overall profit. This is because its would simply be easier to purchase that item in the initial store rather than going to another one. And thou some normally high-priced items may have very low or no profit margins, other low-priced items surely will have high markups (increased prices).

It also plays on psychology by offering low priced items along with overly high pieced ones. This is because a consumer will fell happy resisting the urge to buy the expensive item and instead buying the cheaper one. However, the cheaper item will have a higher profit margin. And by saving by switching to the cheaper item the customer is left with extra money to spend on more low-cost items for themselves albeit those with a higher price margin for the store. And so, it would appear to be a win win for both parties.

Nevertheless, it still is a calculated risk that stores are willing to take due to the seasonal and annual nature of the sale. This promotes the mentality that the customer won’t be able to get another deal similar to this during any other time of the year and therefore increasing the probability of sales.


Talking about the Shopping of Christmas Scene

Further, since the Christmas shopping season is just starting a seller would like a consumer to purchase items at their shop rather than at a competitor’s. That is to say, a retailer would rather you cross out your shopping list at their own outlet as opposed to a competitor’s one. This increases revenue in that a greater volume of purchases are made. Additionally, sellers can have a positive outcome if they enter into a positive relationship with the customer, like selling a warranty, payment options with interest, and/or brand affinity. Even credit options are a great profit turner for retailers.

Price discrimination is another way that sellers use to make a profit. Here price discrimination refers to when, every person has different spending capabilities and so each person is willing to pay a different amount for the same product or service.

To better understand this let’s imagine two people, one who has a high income [ex.; bank manager] and another with, and opposingly, low income [ex. Bank clerk]. If they both desire a certain product the manager would be willing to pay more on a normal day with ease as opposed to buying at a lower price but having to go through the hassle of a crowded marketplace. However, the clerk cannot afford to do that and as such will try to buy it on a day such as the black Friday.

This means that the seller could sell a product at a higher normal price but have a discount, in such a way so that it would be a bit annoying to go through with, they could increase total maximum revenue.

We should also note that if Black Friday sales were employed more often through the year these affects would diminish thus the incentive of the sales, for sellers, would disappear.

 Disruption and Harm Caused by Crowds

It should be noted that with these very attractive offers, everyone would want a piece of it. This results in large crowds at stores and more often than not disputes have occurred between shoppers. Although mostly minor in scale and injuries, there have been cases where serious harm had been inflicted by shoppers. As such police and other emergency services are on high alert during this time.

 The Influence of the Internet, on Black Friday

The concept of black Friday sales mainly took traction in the 2010s. This was based on the idea that people would rather click and buy online at home, rather than wait in line early in the morning for a good deal. However, online deals aren’t as good as the ones in stores. Nevertheless, due to the recent pandemic retailers are moving some focus toward online sales. 

Separate to shopping online on target Black Friday there is another online shopping day, on the Monday immediately following the Black Friday which comes to be known as cyber Monday. This is mostly because shoppers are unable to find what they want or for other reasons cannot get it. As a result, the shop for it online the following Monday after the day’s activities. Overall online traffic has increased year over year, and this is something that Sellers will have to deal with especially given the current situation.

 Covid-19 and its implications on black Friday

Amid the crisis of the Covid-19 pandemic, it would be reasonable to expect the intense and crowd drawing Black Friday shopping event to be canceled, but retailers still are going through with the sales. Albeit with a larger focus online amid fears of the virus spreading.

Further sellers are spreading out the duration of sales, thus, reducing the concentration of the number of people in shops and as a result being able to comply with building and crowd regulations. This is also supported in that, many shoppers would rather get their Christmas shopping done earlier this year.

Other measures such as making the wearing of masks required, only opening shops for the normal working day as opposed to extended hours employed traditionally, making pick up of packages available, and an increase in overall deals online. While sales volumes are expected to increase online, the converse is expected of physical sales.

In the end while Covid-19 hasn’t exactly canceled Black Friday, the traditional one that is so familiar with people is unlikely to happen. Sales and deals will shift online, and pickups and home deliveries will be encouraged. The total length of sales will increase spreading over the week or month. All for control over the pandemic and the safety of the population as a whole.


How to Plan your bedroom interior


A well-planned bedroom reads the peace of mind of family members…

There is no other feeling like getting holed up in your bedroom after that hectic day, when you get to put down all your worldly worries and relax and rejuvenate yourself with sound sleep, to prepare yourself for the next day. How your it is laid out and designed has a huge say on how relaxing your time in the bedroom is, because a cluttered and cramped up space can bring you more stress than your day did. The following sections discuss some of the basic elements you need to consider when planning out the interior of your bedroom.

The size of your bedroom

The size of your bedroom is the determinant factor when designing your bedroom interior. The size of your bed and other furniture, and even the colors that are best to use are dependent on the bedroom size. If you have a large space to work with you can be more liberal in your choice of furniture and other elements you would like to have in your bedroom, like a reading corner. In case you don’t, you just have to be a bit smarter with your interior design.



The most important piece of furniture in your bedroom is your bed. When choosing your bed, you have to pay attention to how big you are. It would be really inconvenient to have your legs stick out of your bed and have to worry about that monster under the bed grabbing your legs! Therefore, always choose a bed that can accommodate you fully as long as you can fit it into your room. Then you can think about the other furniture you need to include in your room such as the wardrobe, nightstand, clothes rack and so on. It would be best if you can include a comfortable chair and a small table to keep your journals, laptop, books, etc. if you are the kind of person to pen down your day or watch a movie or indulge in a good book before going to sleep. Also, don’t forget to choose a comfortable mattress along with pillows and blankets!


Choosing the right colors is very important not only to make your bedroom look nice but also to relax and set your mood for a good sleep. Using bright colors in your bedroom is not recommended as they stimulate senses and make you feel wide awake. Instead, earthly and subtle hues will help you calm down and get ready for a soothing sleep. It does not mean that you cannot use your favorite colors like red, orange, or yellow, but rather that more subdued shades of these colors would do you good.

Also, if you have a small bedroom using a lot of dark shades of color will make it seem even smaller and cramped. Using lighter shades of color will make your room appear spacious. However, if you are into dark colors, using an accented wall with other lighter shades will give your bedroom more character.


Lighting is also as important as the colors you use in your bedroom. You need to choose lighting that complements the colors in your bedroom. For instance, warm whites are easier on the eyes and can create a soft and snuggly atmosphere boosting your sleep hormones while cool whites will give out a much brighter light that will delay your sleep. However, if you plan to read or write before going to sleep, you need to make sure that there is adequate lighting as working with inadequate light can stress out your eyes and result in headaches.


It is important to ensure that fresh air constantly circulates in and out of your bedroom. This will help remove damp and unpleasant odors from your bedroom while maintaining healthy levels of oxygen for you to breathe. Also, it would be great to have your bedroom get at least a bit of sunlight during the day to retain the freshness in your bedroom for the night.

While all these concerns make it a bit of an intimidating task, it is a worthwhile investment to do your research and take your time in planning your bedroom.



Artificial Intelligence in the Fashion Industry

Artificial Intelligence has stepped to the Fashion Industry


Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Fashion may at first seem like two vastly different aspects of our lives. One is the study of Intelligence in machines while the other is the manner in which we wear our clothes, hair, and other such accessories. However, like everything else in our modern lives, we see technology and digitization seep into every aspect of our lives and it should not be a surprise when technology entwines itself with fashion as well. As an industry worth at least 3 trillion USD it’s vital that the fashion industry augments itself and evolves as it progresses with the rest of the world. This leads us to technology within the fashion industry where AI has heralded a new age. AI has been instrumental in dealing with new fashion trends, identifying consumer needs, designing new fashions as well as being present in the production process. And as such, it has taken the industry to new heights. 

Fashion store with good database

Satisfying the Masses

A significant amount of people shop for clothing online. One survey observed that 80% of the population in the US utilize online shopping websites and applications. Of this, the fashion industry holds a significant number of consumers. In order to customize for each consumer, Artificial Intelligence is employed in a multitude of ways. From conversational home assistants like Google Home and Amazons Alexa to Image recognition where the user can photograph the item and the AI will search the internet for offers and display them to the user. This method can be used with screenshots as well.

In the physical retail market, innovations like the smart mirror enable the user to stand in front of a camera and display where they can browse through the store's selections and see how various clothes look on them without even wearing them first. The AI is able to fit the clothes on to a digital projection of the user. This facilitates the need for fit on rooms and the like thus reducing the hassle of the user while satisfying the users' fashion needs.


Designing the Fashion

When comes to designing fashion, we see AI scanning and analyzing current trends. An AI will scan user preferences and user data as well. This propagated through a vast network of questionnaires that the AI will present to a number of users across the internet and AI operated chatbots who operate as virtual assistants who would speak to the users in order to identify their needs. AI is also able to analyze the fashion market as well. This makes the AI capable of predicting the market along with user tastes. This allows the AI to predict the future of the market with respect to demand while also forecasting the trends of the future to an extent due to the fact that it can process much more of the data given by the users much more efficiently than the human brain. Therefore, the AI would already have options available for the designers to work on even before a season starts.

Additionally, the AI is able to compare and contrast designer designs with the market and indicate what designs might be more popular. AI is also capable of designing clothes by itself after analyzing popular trends and copying them. The designer can then in turn work on that particular product to make it better for the market.


Manufacturing the Product

In terms of manufacturing, we see a gradual incline in the use of AI and automated machinery in the industry. Machines that can execute procedures that require four people all at once have been introduced into the fashion industry. A few years ago, machines could not handle the dexterity or delicateness required to handle material such as cloth. But now, through machine learning, AI has eliminated those deficiencies and created a better, faster , and stronger alternative to physical labor. Due to customer personalization, a result of the predicting done by the AI, a significant drop has been observed in the number of returned products. Additionally, the AIs predictions allow companies to manage their inventory and identify what products sell better and what products do not.


AI has really transformed the fashion industry in all of its aspects. We can observe AI and its handiwork spread out through the entire production process up until the customer themselves have used the product. Customers are able to purchase products that have been customized for them with the current trends and season in mind. They are delivered straight from the machines in the factories through a web application and right to their very doorstep. AI has revolutionized the fashion industry by evolving and interconnecting every facet of the industry together.

Comfortable workout with your workout wear 💁

Are you fond of a comfortable workout with your workout wear? 👣

We all like comfort. Have you ever gone through the tiresome feeling, getting sweated of your cloth or underwear? Certainly, it may be.

Almost everybody including me also is also interested in different workouts.  Still, you may be continuing it as an element of your daily schedule, no matter how busy. Perhaps, your healthy workouts may be disturbed by uncomfortable underwear.  Otherwise, you may haven’t got used to dressing any innerwear for your daily physical exercises or sports.

Actually, working out is a good solution to burn excessive calories & to reduce non-spread diseases. Meanwhile, you may probably get several troublesome infections due to the germs in sweat.


You may frequently use underwear while,

Walking, Jogging, Gym work, Push-ups, Yoga, Running & many other various activities may be always in our daily workouts. Perhaps, it may be a nuisance for us.


Wearing an underwear in a workout has some important hygienic basis.


Why must you have it?

The experts always say that, Bacteria & Yeast prefers a moist & warm environment. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to, have underwear, which is capable of absorbing sweat. So, now we all know the hygienic circumstance of having workout underwear.

Unless you have a bottom with moisture-absorbance, it will be necessary to put on an innerwear.

Ideal workout underwear must be;

If your workout underwear is good, it must be Well-fitting Moisture-wicking Breathable Dry, cool & comfortable.

We have a vast variety, according to your desire;

  If you are a man, you can buy underwear, under the categories such as, Brief Boxer Brief, Midway Brief, Cool Max Underwear, Trunk, Muscle shirt & Quad short. 

 Women also, can buy a wide variety of Jockey workout underwear, beyond the basic types, Bikini, String bikini, Sports bra, Thongs, Hipster.

  As a matter of fact, the Jockey products are so versatile that, I cannot limit their variety into a single article. But some of them are mentioned later, for your ease.

The underwear products are available on the market in various sizes, Various color, and Various additional features.

Renowned Jockey products, exclusively designed for working out

For men;

  1.  Brief- Microfiber Active Brief, Helium Microfiber Ergo Brief, Cooling Mesh Performance Brief, Max Mesh Brief 2.  Boxer Brief- Microfiber Active Boxer Brief, Cotton Performance Boxer Brief, Cooling Mesh Performance Boxer Brief

3.  midway Brief- Stretch Tech Performance Midway Brief   

4.    String Bikini- Mesh Performance String Bikini

  5.  Trunk- Stretch Tech Performance Trunk, Max Mesh Trunk, Comfort Plus Modern Trunk

 Are only a few underwears designed on behalf of our sports, athletics & also working out, indoor as well as outdoor, which;

·         Ensure enthusiasm in our daily workouts in the gym or somewhere.

·         Keep you on the top of your game, making you attractive.

 For women;

1.        Bra- Women’s High Impact Sports Bra, Molded Sports Bra, Women’s High Impact Sports Bra, Athletica Dry Racer Back Sports Bra

       2.       Crop Tops- Comfort Stretch Crop Top

       3.      Bikini- Athletica Sports Quick-Dry Bikini, Athletica Sport Quick Dry Signature Bikini

        4.    Sports Bra with Removable Cups

& also, Comfies Camisole, Skimmies Slip Short apart from those have been exclusively designed by the Jockey Philippines. So, if you remain with these products, a slim body & a healthy skin, free of infections & rashes may no more be a nightmare.

Different innerwear for different Workouts.

Sometimes type of our underwear may vary depending on our exercise;

                  ·     At the gym- Not to wear 100% cotton clothes.

·         At running- To wear either an active sports thong, made from breathable micro-mesh fabric, or a brief.

·         At yoga- There is a lot of thong categories that would definitely ensure comfort of Yoga exercises.


So, paying attention to the comfort in working out, I can recommend you to have underwear, made of the material such as cotton, & spandex to absorb moisture. If you prefer sweating, the best option is to use underwear made of silk, polyester or nylon.


Finally, It is worth to have in our mind that, Health is our wealth, today we have to balance both our health & artificial food pattern at the same time, for the one & only solution, is physical exercise.











How to take care of your Underwear 👙

How to take care of your under ware with effective choice and productive usage 👙


In general, the synthetic materials such as Nylon, Polyester, & Spandex trap heat & moisture, while cotton is breathable & absorbs moisture.

     Use proper underwear at the proper place.

There are several underwear products, composed of single or multiple combined materials as shown below. Most of them are available both for males & females.


1   Cotton Underwear; a frequently used natural fiber in Jockey products. A 100% cotton underwear may let you have a long-lasting comfort & soft cotton feel. Especially suit for casual day-to-day wear. In addition, these are the most vagina-friendly underwear, which serves many conveniences for women.

2.  Microfiber Underwear; composed of incredibly fine & amazingly strong, manufactured fiber, which allows for breathability & lightweight comfort. Fine to use in hot summer days, under gym clothes, or if you are just plain sweaty.

3.        Polyester Underwear; Composed of synthetic fiber, with high durability, strength, excellent resiliency & wrinkle resistance. You can easily maintain a brilliant look. Easy to dry.

4 .   Nylon Underwear; well known for its exceptional strength features & quick drying time.

5.         Cotton/Spandex Underwear; a combination of softness, comfort & stretch,

           especially suit for working out. 

        6.        Moisture- absorbing Men’s Underwear; that keeps you cool & dry, especially in athletic situations.

7.      Women’s Stay cool Underwear; regulates your skin temperature. An ultra-soft & breathable fabric, with a touch of stretch. Suit for casual daily usage.

Recently, some of the customers were so, embarrassed by the other underwear products that, they have complained that their underwear had to be removed as if it is one-time use of handkerchief tissue.

 Wash care tips; How to be washed safely?

The best method is washing your underwear by hands, instead of using a washing machine,


  A wash of a machine may tear the materials, by which it is composed of & also effect the fitting negatively.

Hand wash in cold water may increase the lifetime of your undergarment.

  For washing machine users, among you;

Anyway, you may be unable to forget washing machine among limitless household activities. So, least harmful method to wash your bras & briefs are using soft detergent.

 The most suitable detergent.

The unexpected discolouring & decay of your Jockey underwear may occur because of using an inappropriate detergent which affects badly upon their materials.


 But most of the time we complain about Underwear producers. Is it fair, in fact;

·         Colored underwear must be washed by a color-safe detergent.

·         For white ones, a detergent with optical brighteners, in order to restore the default whiteness.

·         We must be aware not to use detergents with bleaching elements, at least for a white underwear.


Turn undies inside out while washing.

It will keep your underwear looking new & fresh.

Keep your dryer on low heat.

As a matter of fact, air-drying in the shade will greatly increase the longevity of your undergarment. Besides, always read instructions, whether you can use a dryer or can’t. Always, use a low heat, otherwise, the fabric & also the elasticity of waistband may be worn out much faster.

Please, pay your attention towards the washing symbols displayed on the cover of your Jockey product.

  Store your undergarment, separately from other clothes.

It will prevent some remained sweaty bacteria from crossing over & corrupt your entire wardrobe.


  Finally, according to my opinion, we never put underwear on to show off others. So, there may be an argument that we needn’t bothering about its cleanliness. But undergarment is more crucial than other clothes, in deciding our sexual hygiene, as it forms the interface between our body & clothes.

These instructions may definitely support us to maximize the longevity of our underwear. 
























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