Joe Biden, The story of a man who lost everything in a matter of minutes and who risen again and shined.

He is stepping to the seat of the world's powerful president…

Many see Joe Biden as an experienced and mature politician who is now on the verge of ruling the world's 'most powerful country, United States of America'. He is the opponent of DonaldTrump of the presidential election of USA 2020 who gained the presidential medal for freedom in 2017, USA. Once you read this article, he might be the president. 


Every large and victorious step is coming from the burnt and damaged feet. 

Also, for Joe Biden, the early stages of his life were a stormy one. Most people do not know that. This man we see today was created from the lowest point of life, after falling further down. 

Young days of  Joe Biden

Young Joe Biden, who began his career as a lawyer, soon entered politics. In 1972, he became the 5th the youngest senator in American history to represent the Democratic Party. Representing the state of Delaware.

An unexpected life experience that could never be replaced

But that festivity did not last for at least a month. His wife, Neilia Hunter-Biden, and their only daughter, two sons, were on their way to Christmas shopping that year when a tractor-trailer crashed into them. Neilia and her one-year-old and one-month-old daughter, Naomi Christina Biden, died on the spot, following a horrific car accident. Within minutes, Joe Biden fell from a man who owned everything to a man who lost everything.

Joe Biden  was a single father

He became a single father, living with his two young sons who were seriously injured in the accident. He carried his two sons in his arms and was determined to face life. Where the crash was at its maximum, he once even thought of committing suicide.

 "For the first time in my life, I realized that people think very well and commit suicide," he later said. Just because he could not bear to be orphaned, losing both his sons and parents, he decided to live longer. 

On his way home from a 4-hour train ride every day, he read and studied children's stories that could put his sons to sleep and go home to pick up the children. He used to wake up every morning and cook breakfast for the kids before going to work. 

A man can rise with a hope

'' Imagine how thousands of people suffer when we have nothing. Even so, they try to walk one step at a time every day. That is the spirit of the American people", He later recalled the experience at a public meeting. 

 Five years later, in 1977, he remarried. She is Jill Tracy Jacob, who had two sons separated by law. Joe Biden became the father of another daughter in 1981. The beautiful woman, who was also an educator, later turned Joe Biden's life story into a children's storybook that young children could understand.

Joe as a vice President

During his tenure as Vice President of the Obama administration, his eldest son, Beau Biden, 46, who was raised without a mother, died of brain cancer. Beau was a lawyer, politician, and military officer who followed in his father's footsteps.

"Every morning, Jill and I tell ourselves this is not a joke. I ask myself. Was he proud of me? " That's how Joe Biden added his emotional thoughts on his son's untimely death. 

How did Joe Biden cope with such difficult times in life? He says one saying caused it. It means 'Faith sees the best in the dark' or 'Faith sees the best in the dark'. The loss of his son Beau gave him a new purpose in life. He still wanted to see his son proud of himself. The same is needed today.

That is why he says with conviction,

"The beginning, the middle and the end are the family."

According to Barack Obama, learning about Joe Biden means learning about love without deception, serving without selfishness, and how to live a fulfilling life ...


Finally, this is not a political story, this is about a story of the father and a man who raised up among a thousand ups and downs that made meaning to life.


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