Comfortable workout with your workout wear 💁

Are you fond of a comfortable workout with your workout wear? 👣

We all like comfort. Have you ever gone through the tiresome feeling, getting sweated of your cloth or underwear? Certainly, it may be.

Almost everybody including me also is also interested in different workouts.  Still, you may be continuing it as an element of your daily schedule, no matter how busy. Perhaps, your healthy workouts may be disturbed by uncomfortable underwear.  Otherwise, you may haven’t got used to dressing any innerwear for your daily physical exercises or sports.

Actually, working out is a good solution to burn excessive calories & to reduce non-spread diseases. Meanwhile, you may probably get several troublesome infections due to the germs in sweat.


You may frequently use underwear while,

Walking, Jogging, Gym work, Push-ups, Yoga, Running & many other various activities may be always in our daily workouts. Perhaps, it may be a nuisance for us.


Wearing an underwear in a workout has some important hygienic basis.


Why must you have it?

The experts always say that, Bacteria & Yeast prefers a moist & warm environment. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to, have underwear, which is capable of absorbing sweat. So, now we all know the hygienic circumstance of having workout underwear.

Unless you have a bottom with moisture-absorbance, it will be necessary to put on an innerwear.

Ideal workout underwear must be;

If your workout underwear is good, it must be Well-fitting Moisture-wicking Breathable Dry, cool & comfortable.

We have a vast variety, according to your desire;

  If you are a man, you can buy underwear, under the categories such as, Brief Boxer Brief, Midway Brief, Cool Max Underwear, Trunk, Muscle shirt & Quad short. 

 Women also, can buy a wide variety of Jockey workout underwear, beyond the basic types, Bikini, String bikini, Sports bra, Thongs, Hipster.

  As a matter of fact, the Jockey products are so versatile that, I cannot limit their variety into a single article. But some of them are mentioned later, for your ease.

The underwear products are available on the market in various sizes, Various color, and Various additional features.

Renowned Jockey products, exclusively designed for working out

For men;

  1.  Brief- Microfiber Active Brief, Helium Microfiber Ergo Brief, Cooling Mesh Performance Brief, Max Mesh Brief 2.  Boxer Brief- Microfiber Active Boxer Brief, Cotton Performance Boxer Brief, Cooling Mesh Performance Boxer Brief

3.  midway Brief- Stretch Tech Performance Midway Brief   

4.    String Bikini- Mesh Performance String Bikini

  5.  Trunk- Stretch Tech Performance Trunk, Max Mesh Trunk, Comfort Plus Modern Trunk

 Are only a few underwears designed on behalf of our sports, athletics & also working out, indoor as well as outdoor, which;

·         Ensure enthusiasm in our daily workouts in the gym or somewhere.

·         Keep you on the top of your game, making you attractive.

 For women;

1.        Bra- Women’s High Impact Sports Bra, Molded Sports Bra, Women’s High Impact Sports Bra, Athletica Dry Racer Back Sports Bra

       2.       Crop Tops- Comfort Stretch Crop Top

       3.      Bikini- Athletica Sports Quick-Dry Bikini, Athletica Sport Quick Dry Signature Bikini

        4.    Sports Bra with Removable Cups

& also, Comfies Camisole, Skimmies Slip Short apart from those have been exclusively designed by the Jockey Philippines. So, if you remain with these products, a slim body & a healthy skin, free of infections & rashes may no more be a nightmare.

Different innerwear for different Workouts.

Sometimes type of our underwear may vary depending on our exercise;

                  ·     At the gym- Not to wear 100% cotton clothes.

·         At running- To wear either an active sports thong, made from breathable micro-mesh fabric, or a brief.

·         At yoga- There is a lot of thong categories that would definitely ensure comfort of Yoga exercises.


So, paying attention to the comfort in working out, I can recommend you to have underwear, made of the material such as cotton, & spandex to absorb moisture. If you prefer sweating, the best option is to use underwear made of silk, polyester or nylon.


Finally, It is worth to have in our mind that, Health is our wealth, today we have to balance both our health & artificial food pattern at the same time, for the one & only solution, is physical exercise.












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