MY Mummy is the BEST 🌸

Let’s be a good mother to children

"Mummy”, absolutely right when you say the most beautiful word in the world.
So, as in the past articles, I thought this article should bring some important points to your life. The previous articles were very positive. Thank you so much for reading all of them.

So, the big question for parents and those who have become mothers is, 
how can I be a good mom or  Do I a good mom?
There is a difference between being a mother and being a good mother. Examples are how much you can take socially.

So now I'm going to tell you how to be a good mom.

My Mummy is the BEST πŸ’“

1.   Avoid comparing yourself to others.
This is something many people have to compare ourselves to. I have it, and I try to avoid it a lot of the time.
"If I were to be like that mom", "I could be like her",
To be a good mother is to stop comparing yourself this way
I use walking aids to make my child a better mother. There are so many variations you can make that make you a better mother, Imagine, we have problems, and the mother has problems.
Even so, she is very happy with her children, and if we look at it and think that I would be happy with it, we won't have any problems. I know that from experience.
Most importantly, our children are not responsible for any problems that come our way. Because most of the problems we fix ourselves. So whatever problems we have with our children, we can solve problems at the same time.
Be a good mother to your children and do what you can without comparing yourself to others. Make the best use of what is available.

2.   Look for the best in your children.
It would be great if we could see everything we do for our children. For example, you don't have the money to buy a good outfit for your child, but you do the best you can, and you do the best you can.
If your child enjoys the dress at the time, you shouldn't worry about the costly costume. Because if a child is happy with it, it means that they are working hard. Whatever others say, if the child is happy, see what he did. Take a self-assessment.

3.   Think about yourself.
This is not what it means to be selfish. For example, suppose we work without thinking too much about ourselves, taking illness, whether sick or not, which is a cost to our family.
So, we get weaker by the day. It causes us to miss our children, and sometimes our sick children have other problems
When we are sick, the mood of the children collapses. So always think about oneself. Stay close to the kids. Even if you have a lack of physical activity, you should not give up on your children.
Seeing such things will not only instill love and respect in your children but also set a good example from you.

4.   Celebrate children's special occasions.
Children love to commend themselves and celebrate their special day.
You may lose a lot of money, but if you can do a little celebration for your children, a lot of children will come to you. Even the smallest gift from the mother is so precious to the children.
Frequent appreciation of your child's talents will give them confidence and increase their love for you.

5.   Communication with children is very important.
Converse with your children. Build a friendly relationship with your child. Like a friend, ask and solve their problems. The more a mother-child relationship develops, the easier it is for us to ask questions of children.

6.   Make time for the children separately.
If you have more than one child, pay attention to each child separately. Often, we find that when there are two or more children in a household, the younger children are more likely than the older ones. But if you use some of our time and focus on each child individually and focus on what they want to do with him/her alone, you can be a good mother.

7.   Don't expect your children to do what you want.
“I want my child to be a doctor and a lawyer”, If you think so, stop it now. Because expecting children to do things we can't do is not good. Every child has his or her own talents. t is important that we raise that skill and put the child ahead of it. If you can do that, you're a good mom. Children also have their own dreams.

8.  Teach your children about defeat.
We must do all we can to raise a child who can withstand both victories. Let the children make a mistake. Then he gets a sense of it. For example, do not sit next to your child and tell them when you are doing schoolwork. Let them do their homework, schoolwork, etc. You just give Eve support. If something goes wrong, give them the opportunity to understand it. Give them the opportunity to think on their own.

9.   Maintain good discipline.
Children learn a lot from us. Whatever we are talking about and behaving in the presence of the children, well or not and don't miss them. If you are talking to someone and your child asks you something, answer their question first. Or just kindly tell them to have some time. It can also improve children's patience. So, if you practice these things, you too can become a good mother. Not only love for your children but good, bad examples and advice are all the qualities that a good mother should have.

So I hope this article has much to do with your life.😊
Also, if you have any other questions that bother you, Comment and ask. I'll try to write articles about those questions.

Jesus bless you πŸŒΈπŸ’«!!!!


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