Doctors have found a Vaccine for COVID - 19 ???? 💉

A Vaccine for COVID - 19 💉💁

Coronavirus is spreading worldwide. However, no vaccine has been developed to protect the human body from Covid-19 disease. Medical researchers are working hard to change this situation.

Why is a coronavirus vaccine important?

This virus spreads easily. This is still risky for the majority of the world's population. A vaccine can provide people with immunity training to fight this virus. This will help you avoid getting sick.
At the same time, the legislation to shut down countries will be able to be more securely relaxed and socially neutralized.

How is the progress made?

 Research is progressing at an unprecedented pace. About 80 teams around the world have launched vaccine research, some of which have already begun clinical trials. Scientists in Seattle, USA, announced the first experiment on the human body. It is unusual to decide not to perform basic tests on the body of animals to test the safety and efficacy of the vaccine. 

Two giant pharmaceutical companies,  Sanofi and GSK, have teamed up to produce the vaccine. Australian scientists have injected a muggle vaccine to test a possible vaccine against coronaviruses. This is the first vaccine against coronavirus to undergo a thorough pre-clinical trial. Scientists hope that by the end of April it will be able to begin the process of testing on the human body.

Researchers at the University of Oxford are aiming to produce one million doses of their vaccine by next September. The vaccine is currently undergoing clinical trials on the human body.

However, no one knows how effective any of these vaccines are. It usually takes several years to produce one. Sometimes it can be a few decades. Many experts believe that a vaccine to combat coronavirus will be launched by mid-2021. That is, about 12 or 18 months after the new coronavirus was diagnosed.

It would be a great feat of modern science. There are four types of coronaviruses circulating in the human body. None of the coronavirus, which causes the common cold symptoms, has yet been vaccinated.

What remains to be done? 

Many research groups have developed vaccines, but much more remains to be done.
Experiments must prove that these vaccines are safe for humans. It would be useless if there were other serious problems. Clinical trials should prove that these vaccines can stimulate immunity in order to prevent people from getting sick.
A large-scale plan must be launched to produce billions of doses of such a vaccine.
The drug must be approved by regulators before it can be injected into humans. It must overcome the enormous challenge of vaccinating the vast majority of the world's population. The decision to shut down many countries may slow down this process.

The less the number of infected people, the more time it takes to know if the vaccine actually works. The injection of the virus into the human body and then infecting the virus can quickly prove its effectiveness.

How many people should be vaccinated and how effective this vaccine is difficult to determine. But 60% or 70% of the population is believed to have prevented the virus from spreading easily. It is billions of people, compared to the world's population. It is also effective only if the vaccine works well.

A vaccine involves injecting harmful viruses or bacteria (sometimes only a portion) into the body's immune system. It recognizes the presence of an invader and understands how the body's defense system fights against it and defeats it.

In fact, the body is aware of what to do if the virus or bacteria gets infected. For decades, vaccines have been used to treat the same virus. Vaccines developed for measles, mumps, and rubella (German measles) have been used to treat weakened viruses. Then there will be no complete infection. Vaccines against the new coronavirus employ the latest and most unexplored methods.

The genetic code of the new coronavirus, called Sars-CoV-2, has now been identified, so scientists can build a copy of it. New vaccines are created using it. Scientists at the University of Oxford worked to inject only a portion of this genetic code into a non-harmful virus that infects chimpanzees. Scientists believe they have created a protective virus that looks like the new coronavirus and that human immunity will respond.

Other research groups have used DNA or RNA fragments of the gene code, which are believed to help the immune system cope with the injection. Does this vaccine protect all age groups? Often it may not be effective on older people. This is not a vaccine's fault. Older people usually do not respond well to vaccines. 

Is this a harmful side effect?

Every drug has its side effects. The same is true of most common painkillers. However, it is only after clinical trials that a possible vaccine for the new coronavirus can be concluded. Drug regulators are keen on this.  

Best Solution for now, is staying home safe and obey government Heath rules. Will hope better world Soon.

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