The law of marriage with the rapist

The law of marriage with the rapist😨

Franca Viola was a beautiful girl.πŸ‘© 
Born in the outskirts of Alcamo, Sicily, she was beautiful, feminine and beautiful, living a quiet life in her father's small farm as a fine handmaiden.

When she was just fifteen, she had been accidentally seen by a mafia leader, Filippo Melodia, and since then her father was tired of asking her to marry him, and when she finally reached the age of maturity, the word 'will marry her to you” fell out of his mouth.

immediately thereafter, Melodia, then 23, was convicted of robbery and jailed and the marriage promise was canceled. As time went by, Viola became more and more beautiful, and she fell in love with a beautiful, handsome young man, Aweki.

Beautifully spent seasons were only a few months away. Fleeing to Germany, Melodia became a fully-fledged leader of the Mafia Mafia, a villain surrounded by a brutal atmosphere of German thuggery. The father's word, her reluctance, or his lover's objections were no more repulsive things, as he had come to take possession of the beautiful pet that he had promised for years.

Melodia's final rejection of hundreds of reprimand, innocent demands, and failures were reached. The Christmas Eve of 1965 was on. Early in the morning, in search of a dozen of his ruthless companions and Viola, he beats up his parents, lock her and her little brother in a blanket and seizes her in a lonely house on the border.

The brother was released the following day. Seventeen-year-old Viola Rebellion began. For eight days, she was raped and sexually assaulted as seriously as she could. He will not, by law, now seek refuge!

The Italian law, however, was notorious. In accordance with Article 544 of the Italian Penal Code, a rapist is not guilty by law if he marries the abuser and protects her and her family's dignity. They call it matrimonio riparatore (Rehabilitating Wedding).

Viola was released eight days later, on January 2, 1966. Melodia was nominally arrested when she complained about help with her father's law and immediately sought help. The mockingbird offered the matrimonio riparatore offer as expected. The law, culture and rural mindset allowed it to be so. What's the alternative for a woman with the news (donna svergognata)

But she rejected it by unexpected surprise. For the first time in Italian history, the oppressed woman has despised the right honored by the rapist. O! She said she couldn't. A brave woman has defied tradition.

This bitch has been made a traditional mistake to the pride of the rural villagers.
At the dreadful maximum of preserving the culture, an innocent family had sown the life that had been sown and burned to the brim. That was the farmer who fed them! That was the goosebumps. They were babies and children! No! They were unclean cynics who had defiled the morality and rejected the noble marriage of virginity. Where do they go and what's up?

However, in spite of all this, two undecided Franca Viola were behind. That father, lover. They found a lawyer for the plaintiffs and sued. The law sought help against lawlessness. The case was heard in December while the world was watching at once!

The historic verdict was granted in late May 1967, and Felipo Melodia was sentenced to eleven years in prison on charges of kidnapping, intimidation, and rape, and then sentenced to one year in prison and sentenced to a maximum of ten years.

Five others were sentenced to four years' imprisonment and others were warned. Will the case end? NO.

Friends, villagers have no case. They are innocent. Free
Over time, through exhaustion, effort, and tears, Viola tried to think of a new life.

YES, he is the lover of the century, the man whose love for the word is perfect.
Aweki, who was an accountant began a quiet, peaceful family life, and created a small nest full of love and warmth. πŸ‘ͺ

Filippo Melodia, who was jailed for ten years, was released in 1976, and within two years, he suffered several deaths and was stabbed to death.

Italian law was reformed. Slowly but steadfastly, everything was OK. It was the eighth decade of the twentieth century when it was finally out of action for another decade before the abusive clause in which the rapist had resorted to his law was invalidated. Also, 1996 was when rape was defined as a criminal offense from a crime against social morality.

The beautiful Franca Viola is still alive and well today. We wish her all the best of all the grandparents of the day. In the midst of the harassment of her rapist in a Mafia dome, she was able to escape the life that the neighboring society had forced her to do, destroying her with fate

That's her "No!" It is said that. Because you can't go. Because you cannot stand up against the world.

Dear ladies, if you say that you are right, you can say "No!".Tell when you want to say don’t. You have the right and the courage to say it. Remember the beautiful Viola, the instant the tongue hesitates. You'll never be alone as her! πŸ‘©πŸ‘Έ


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