MRS WORLD 2020, Speaks 💓

Sri Lankan Carolyn Jurie crowned at Las Vegas, USA as the title of THE MRS WORLD for  2020 on the last 06th of December.

Carolyn Jury is 27 years old young lady who lived in a foreign country. She has quit her job and returned to Sri Lanka and was lucky enough to be crowned as Mrs Sri Lanka 2019. She is a mother for a daughter, a lovely wife, and a SriLankan woman, especially she is a Marketing cum advertising professional.

If you think for a moment that marriage is a matter of purpose, f a mother who has children says that there is no other life out there, she has answered all the questions that the girl in the world has ever felt.
She may have lost her life one day, the world may have depressed her, she may have had to deal with the troubles of society, she may have been stoned, and she may have made many sacrifices along the way.
But her unanimous demeanor, extraordinary dedication and pursuit of her cause ultimately led her to crown.

After many humble sacrifices, a Sri Lankan woman named Carolyn, a loving wife, and mother of a daughter was crowned the world's most beautiful married woman.

When in the MRS WORLD Pageant her voice for all women is made very significant,

“When I was a child, I had a lot of trouble. As a result, I was diagnosed with depression. As a result, I have attempted suicide. Therefore, I look forward to my next year as the Queen of World Marriage for children with mental retardation and their mental health”. 
This statement helps us to understand how important the mind is to live. 

 so girls don't let your previous shits to cover and hurt you,
Sometimes it’s your gut. Telling you to run. Telling you to go ahead. Because you thinking it might be too good to be true, to be excellent is 100 percent accurate and it makes you the new demand of you. 💫


Thank you !


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