Passion of an Orphan 💫

An orphan girl who made a name for FASHION WORLD

Coco was twelve years old when Coco's mother died. After her mother's death, Coco lost no one. My mother did the laundry. So, it wasn't even a savings for her. Mother had to spend her money on laundry and save money while saving money. The twelve years spent without a father were filled with poverty and helplessness. So now Coco has the only one he has ever broken.
After her mother's death, Coco was forced to go to the orphanage. She was sent to a woman's orphanage in the French capital of her home town of Obeism. The orphanage was administered by the nuns. All the girls in the orphanage had to learn homework, cooking, and sewing, which a woman should learn. The nuns taught these orphans these skills. Coco's love of sewing was one of those things. She studied sewing with a passion.
Coco, who grew up outside the orphanage, grew up living in the orphanage. She started making money by renting clothes. The money she got was not enough to make her life and pay rent. So, Coco, who sews clothes at noon, finds a job at a nightclub to do the night. Singing in a nightclub.
Coco, who sings at the nightclub, often sees the rich and the rich in life. Coco always thought of the gulf between the lives of these people and the lives of her own family. Coco wanted to be a member of that happy world. But to enter that world, must have good money. But Coco did it anyway.
But at that time, in French society, a woman could not even imagine herself improving. At that time women were not allowed to maintain their own bank accounts. They could not own property or register a business. She needed a man's care.
Coco brought a man closer to her life. But it's not because of love. Only because they need help in their journey. After a lot of careful planning. In 1908, Coco became the casual wife of a retired army chief, Etienne Balsan. Coco was twenty-three years old at the time. She spent three years as the mistress of the old army chief. During those three years, she interacted with the men of an affluent society. Attended their parties.
She developed a well-rounded sense of community in the upper echelons. Coco is now well aware of the clothes and tastes of high-profile wealthy women. She studied all of them and began to design helmet designs aimed at women in that society. It was her first foray into the design industry.
Coco's fashionable hats were a good demand among wealthy women.
In time, her illicit relationship broke up. Coco became the mistress of her boyfriend, Arthur Edward Capel, a friend of her ex. Coco, who became Arthur's mistress, lived with him in an upstairs apartment. In 1910, Coco opened her first women's clothing store on the ground floor. Gabriel Coco Chanel named her first women's clothing store after her surname. Which means “Chanel”
It was then that Coco Chanel began to revolutionize the field of men's clothing, and began to create high-end women's clothing designs from low-cost "poor" fabrics. Her business, based in an urban location suitable for the garment industry, was a success. The first "Chanel" costume models were Coco's sister and her aunt. They made these costumes and traveled around the city giving great publicity to their clothes.

By 1916, Chanel's branded apparel was in high demand, and Coco Chanel's revenues were steadily rising. By then, she was able to repay her business with her initial interest and loans paid by her illicit lovers.

Coco Chanel has continued to create clothing and has touched on women's perfumes, handbags, footwear, and accessories, as well as cosmetics. Coco was given a dash of wasps too. Everything she creates became a passion for the fashion world.
The Chanel 05 perfume created by Coco Chanel has become very popular among the world's richest women. When it came to handmade two-color women's shoes, actresses, models, and stylists all over the world embraced the wave. Notable actresses such as Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly, Jane Fonda and Jackie Kennedy was among the most famous women who loved her work.
Although she is not alive at this time, she is still one of the brightest names in the design world. "Chanel" is already the world's most expensive women's apparel brand.

Born in an extremely poor family and spent her childhood as an orphan girl, the rest of her life was full of luxury and fame.
At the age of twenty, your image is given to you by nature. At the age of thirty, your style is determined by your life. But at the age of fifty, you get what you deserve.” She once told a magazine.
It is true. No matter what form life takes us, we must make it good for ourselves.


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