A packet of biscuits can also make a Positive Vibe

Life advice from an experience of a packet of biscuits 🍩🍪🍫

A woman at the airport realizes that she has two hours to go to a shop in the airport and buy a magazine and a small packet of biscuits.
Then at the same point in the airport, a man sits next to a chair and starts reading the magazine, in the meantime, she puts her hand into the packet of biscuits and starts chewing a biscuit. Suddenly, the man sitting next to him starts to eat a biscuit from the packet. The woman reading the book suddenly looks at him.

"You're going to eat more and more of my biscuits."

She thinks so, but she manages to regain her temper and read the magazine again. When she takes a biscuit this way, that man takes the biscuits in the same bag without any upset.

"What a shameless man this is!"
The woman thought that. She was very angry.

But the man was eating biscuits very comfortably. As soon as the woman dropped the last biscuit in the bag, the man suddenly took it and broke it in two and gave it to her.

"This man must have been crazy.”
She looked at him with a furious look.
That look and the slight smile on her face disappeared as she listened to her accusation and became a sad face.
At the same time, the woman started to hear that the plane was about to leave. She went ahead with her luggage, looking back at the man angrily.
She saw the man in distress and wonder.
As soon as he got off the plane, she turned around again to see if he was there, but you left.
The woman got on the plane.
Halfway over to sit in the seat and read the magazine again. She caught her bag of biscuits. She was deeply shy and sympathetic to that man.
Because she was paying attention to the ocean, she spent her time thinking of herself as the biscuit that the man was eating.
"What a friendly man he was. He wanted to share the last bisque with me.”
She was deeply upset. She left the scene with regret knowing she would never meet him again.

Never be quick to judge someone or something. Because we can all be wrong. People who think you're good in society can be bad. And some people who think you're bad can be good.
Regardless of who we are, we should never look at others. Think twice, not thousands of times before. Do not rush in any place.
The blame may be on our hands so Let's build social relationships intelligently and attentively.

Have a WISE FUTURE beauties 👩


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