What should you do if you see your HUSBAND’S FLAWS?

What should you do if you see your HUSBAND’S FLAWS?

Some women jump at his husband when he sees something flawed. There are more women, who are not aware of their husband's faults. Frequent accusation and persistence are not characteristics of a good wife.
If you constantly blame your husband, he may not even listen to you. Just as you ignore his imperfections, you and your family are harmed.

Ex: The ill-effects of drunkenness should be explained while he is in his mind.
“What if something happens to you? So, think about both your children.”
Don't shout at the same time if he's throwing stuff away.
“We want to raise our children, don't we? We need to be role models for them.”

What if he blames you for something he did not do?
Many men have a flaw in speaking up. That is why they sometimes try to relieve the stress of the workplace through their wife. Be patient if he sees a flaw or scolds you. In a short time, explain the truth to him. Get him to discuss the issue openly.
And by keeping silent when he accuses you of wrongdoing, you're doing yourself a disservice. Too much patience will only encourage him to hurt you more. Don't be afraid to protest when needed. The society does not hesitate to hurt one who is tolerant of all things without opposition.

How often do you and others interfere in your problems?
In some families, the biggest problem is the involvement of the husband's family in a fight. In such a case, the husband becomes more and more frustrated with the husband's family and forces the husband to abandon them.
Therefore, a woman should be able to win her husband's heart and help her to explain this. Instead of trying to distance the husband from his relatives who have lived for the first time, let him feel the problems gradually.

How should a wife participate in the decision-making process?
In many families, the wife is not free to express herself. The main reason for this is the husband's existing motherhood. Some men do not want their place in the family to fall apart. Many women express their opinions to the detriment of a man.

“Oh, you are so stupid “.
 Instead, the wife says: “My husband will not accept my opinion. He feels that his idea is correct but he does not know”.
But the wife tactfully says: “Your idea is good. But I still feel that way. What do you think of my idea?”

They then think and act on the idea that their wife's idea is better.
Similarly, some wives remain silent when they see their husband making wrong decisions. It is not a characteristic of a good wife.



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