I think to give you an article today about how you can be happy with who you are without degrading others.
Throughout the article I explain how to be happy with how thin you are, or how to be a little fat without lowering the fat woman down.
Over the years, as a twenty-something-year-old girl, I've seen too much of some women pulling down other women to brag about themselves. Personally, I have been a victim of it many times in the past. But I am no longer able to put down a single word because my vocabulary has now improved enough for two or three words to hit the humiliating women who try to bring me down.
We should support each other because we are more capable of brain and ability than all the other living things on the planet. We can carry a child and bear all that pain. We can work as a man for the family. We have the ability to raise and care for our children and to care for anyone who needs a refuge. We have the ability to get ready in the morning and have a good laugh, even if it is a very unpleasant night.
When a girl loses her ability to move on with life, hiding her tears.
If you have a thin, beautiful body; Good, great. So please don't insult fat women
Do you have very talented, educated children? Great. Avoid talking about your child's skills with a woman who has poor children to learn.
Do you have a good husband Just perfect? Then don't get me involved in those discussions. For I have no experience of a good husband. Do you have a dear lover How nice but you don't have to show us how to kiss him, sex life on social media? Take a room instead.
Are you an old-fashioned English language? Excellent. But I'm not. Are the words I write wrong? If so, don't read. For what I write, I do not care what others think of my words. There are people who read them. There are people who read and comment. There are some who say they are unread. I do not know all this because there is no time to waste for them.
Here is the final point. Empower others whenever possible. Stop belittling others and stop showing yourself to be so great. Life is too short to understand. So, make your life genuinely pleasurable and happy without hurting others, not judging others, and not using others.

Explain to yourself that life is not just a showcase for the society in which you live.


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