Stand and Fight Sweet Heart

   Stand and Fight Sweet Heart

·        πŸ’“Some women are afraid of fire, some women become fire.

·        πŸ’“ It's hard to get rid of those who get up.

·       πŸ’“  My crown is slippery but I will never let it fall.

·       πŸ’“  In life too, we often choose the best option. Even if we go out to eat, that's what we do. The next best option in life involves sacrificing the ones we love.

·         πŸ’“Men need no reason to have sex with a woman. But a woman must have some reason to have sex with a man. It can be a cause of love, security, affection, listening to her problems, and stress-relieving. Whenever a woman has reason to join a man, she is ready to reward herself for the man, irrespective of age, appearance, race or religion. Female attraction does not get in the way of a permit or a secret location

·        πŸ’“ Plan A is not enough. Plan B also.

·        πŸ’“ The only emptiness is felt after a man is murdered and with a woman, he does not feel comfortable with.

·           Most Strong women are the strong believers that,
"if you really want power, you need to add power and go on a long journey, then you have to practice the magic and the magic of life".
As sculptor, you have to begin to create a life-style that would benefit you.


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