Black Friday and target black Friday deals for the black week 2020


Black Friday vibes coming soon for the black week

Out of the many holidays celebrated, perhaps the one known most for the intense shopping sprees is Black Friday, the target Black Friday following Thanksgiving, which is, in 2021, the 27th of November. This black week or the black Friday holiday is well known in the US for the large amounts of bargain deals from shops and the ensuing mass of shoppers set on getting said deals. It also marks the start of the Christmas shopping season for retailers, especially in the USA.

The origins of the Black Friday

The term itself dates back to the early 60s, originating from Philadelphia in the US, where it was used to refer to the heavy pedestrian traffic on the day after Thanksgiving activity. This was the result of a football game between the navy and army academies located near the city. It was only in the 2000s that the term came to be widely associated with shopping. This is because of the sharp increase in sales, immediately following the Thanksgiving holiday, putting retailers and shops “in the black”, a term indicating financial stability or to gain profits.


Worldwide Reach of the target Black Friday

As of late, targetblack Friday has resulted in many deals and discounts being posted mainly in the US, but has started to spread worldwide, to mark the start of the Christmas shopping season albeit for different reasons.

 In the UK

For the UK, the the busiest shopping day was previously boxing day, and the term black Friday was used by the police for the Friday preceding Christmas. This was a result of many going out to drinking thus needing to increase the capacity of emergency services for the time. The event of known as “Black Friday shopping” came only in recent years when international American retailers in the UK, such as Amazon, employed sales in the same style as those in the States. Also, outdoor shopping is popular among people for branded outlets like reebok outlet, specially reebok sales, Adidas black Friday sales, Levi’s outlets, Nike, and for costumes Zara, H&M, M & S, Victoria Secrets stores. Other UK retailers followed suit and gradually the retail sales in November exceeded those in December, showing the shift from the traditional pattern of UK Christmas Shopping.

 In America and Canada

Due to the proximity and easy access to American shopping centers Canada started Black Friday deals of sales in order to stop people from crossing the border and partaking in American sales. Although Canada has black Friday sales to combat this issue, they aren’t as much of a bargain as American ones and the stronger Canadian dollar also prompts shoppers to cross the border for better deals.

The rest of the world

Other countries that observe Black Friday are; Australia, New Zealand, Germany, and France, among others. However other countries like India, Japan and China have that have different seasonal shopping seasons so the Black Friday event isn’t as pronounced. Instead, they have their own events such as Diwali [India] and Singles day [China].

Although an increasing number of retailers worldwide are adopting this method of the Black Friday sales. This is in part due to the influence of Amazon and their regional marketplaces such as Amazon UK, Amazon Australia, and many more, implementing black Friday discounts via their online platform.

What Black Friday means for Retailers?

With the huge discounts and price cuts one must wonder, what’s in it for the sellers?

Well it depends. This is because the store will lose money if the product is sold at a lower price than the cost or selling at a price that could have otherwise been higher that the current selling price. Because of that reason, we can see People love to online shopping this season. Customers chase Amazon offers that especially target blackFriday, because it’s offers target black Friday and comparatively lesser than other months. And also, people search 24-hour supermarket near me, grocery shops near me to buy goods for low prices these days.

 However, stores count on the fact that the customer will purchase other products on the same visit thus netting an overall profit. This is because its would simply be easier to purchase that item in the initial store rather than going to another one. And thou some normally high-priced items may have very low or no profit margins, other low-priced items surely will have high markups (increased prices).

It also plays on psychology by offering low priced items along with overly high pieced ones. This is because a consumer will fell happy resisting the urge to buy the expensive item and instead buying the cheaper one. However, the cheaper item will have a higher profit margin. And by saving by switching to the cheaper item the customer is left with extra money to spend on more low-cost items for themselves albeit those with a higher price margin for the store. And so, it would appear to be a win win for both parties.

Nevertheless, it still is a calculated risk that stores are willing to take due to the seasonal and annual nature of the sale. This promotes the mentality that the customer won’t be able to get another deal similar to this during any other time of the year and therefore increasing the probability of sales.


Talking about the Shopping of Christmas Scene

Further, since the Christmas shopping season is just starting a seller would like a consumer to purchase items at their shop rather than at a competitor’s. That is to say, a retailer would rather you cross out your shopping list at their own outlet as opposed to a competitor’s one. This increases revenue in that a greater volume of purchases are made. Additionally, sellers can have a positive outcome if they enter into a positive relationship with the customer, like selling a warranty, payment options with interest, and/or brand affinity. Even credit options are a great profit turner for retailers.

Price discrimination is another way that sellers use to make a profit. Here price discrimination refers to when, every person has different spending capabilities and so each person is willing to pay a different amount for the same product or service.

To better understand this let’s imagine two people, one who has a high income [ex.; bank manager] and another with, and opposingly, low income [ex. Bank clerk]. If they both desire a certain product the manager would be willing to pay more on a normal day with ease as opposed to buying at a lower price but having to go through the hassle of a crowded marketplace. However, the clerk cannot afford to do that and as such will try to buy it on a day such as the black Friday.

This means that the seller could sell a product at a higher normal price but have a discount, in such a way so that it would be a bit annoying to go through with, they could increase total maximum revenue.

We should also note that if Black Friday sales were employed more often through the year these affects would diminish thus the incentive of the sales, for sellers, would disappear.

 Disruption and Harm Caused by Crowds

It should be noted that with these very attractive offers, everyone would want a piece of it. This results in large crowds at stores and more often than not disputes have occurred between shoppers. Although mostly minor in scale and injuries, there have been cases where serious harm had been inflicted by shoppers. As such police and other emergency services are on high alert during this time.

 The Influence of the Internet, on Black Friday

The concept of black Friday sales mainly took traction in the 2010s. This was based on the idea that people would rather click and buy online at home, rather than wait in line early in the morning for a good deal. However, online deals aren’t as good as the ones in stores. Nevertheless, due to the recent pandemic retailers are moving some focus toward online sales. 

Separate to shopping online on target Black Friday there is another online shopping day, on the Monday immediately following the Black Friday which comes to be known as cyber Monday. This is mostly because shoppers are unable to find what they want or for other reasons cannot get it. As a result, the shop for it online the following Monday after the day’s activities. Overall online traffic has increased year over year, and this is something that Sellers will have to deal with especially given the current situation.

 Covid-19 and its implications on black Friday

Amid the crisis of the Covid-19 pandemic, it would be reasonable to expect the intense and crowd drawing Black Friday shopping event to be canceled, but retailers still are going through with the sales. Albeit with a larger focus online amid fears of the virus spreading.

Further sellers are spreading out the duration of sales, thus, reducing the concentration of the number of people in shops and as a result being able to comply with building and crowd regulations. This is also supported in that, many shoppers would rather get their Christmas shopping done earlier this year.

Other measures such as making the wearing of masks required, only opening shops for the normal working day as opposed to extended hours employed traditionally, making pick up of packages available, and an increase in overall deals online. While sales volumes are expected to increase online, the converse is expected of physical sales.

In the end while Covid-19 hasn’t exactly canceled Black Friday, the traditional one that is so familiar with people is unlikely to happen. Sales and deals will shift online, and pickups and home deliveries will be encouraged. The total length of sales will increase spreading over the week or month. All for control over the pandemic and the safety of the population as a whole.


Joe Biden, The story of a man who lost everything in a matter of minutes and who risen again and shined.

He is stepping to the seat of the world's powerful president…

Many see Joe Biden as an experienced and mature politician who is now on the verge of ruling the world's 'most powerful country, United States of America'. He is the opponent of DonaldTrump of the presidential election of USA 2020 who gained the presidential medal for freedom in 2017, USA. Once you read this article, he might be the president. 


Every large and victorious step is coming from the burnt and damaged feet. 

Also, for Joe Biden, the early stages of his life were a stormy one. Most people do not know that. This man we see today was created from the lowest point of life, after falling further down. 

Young days of  Joe Biden

Young Joe Biden, who began his career as a lawyer, soon entered politics. In 1972, he became the 5th the youngest senator in American history to represent the Democratic Party. Representing the state of Delaware.

An unexpected life experience that could never be replaced

But that festivity did not last for at least a month. His wife, Neilia Hunter-Biden, and their only daughter, two sons, were on their way to Christmas shopping that year when a tractor-trailer crashed into them. Neilia and her one-year-old and one-month-old daughter, Naomi Christina Biden, died on the spot, following a horrific car accident. Within minutes, Joe Biden fell from a man who owned everything to a man who lost everything.

Joe Biden  was a single father

He became a single father, living with his two young sons who were seriously injured in the accident. He carried his two sons in his arms and was determined to face life. Where the crash was at its maximum, he once even thought of committing suicide.

 "For the first time in my life, I realized that people think very well and commit suicide," he later said. Just because he could not bear to be orphaned, losing both his sons and parents, he decided to live longer. 

On his way home from a 4-hour train ride every day, he read and studied children's stories that could put his sons to sleep and go home to pick up the children. He used to wake up every morning and cook breakfast for the kids before going to work. 

A man can rise with a hope

'' Imagine how thousands of people suffer when we have nothing. Even so, they try to walk one step at a time every day. That is the spirit of the American people", He later recalled the experience at a public meeting. 

 Five years later, in 1977, he remarried. She is Jill Tracy Jacob, who had two sons separated by law. Joe Biden became the father of another daughter in 1981. The beautiful woman, who was also an educator, later turned Joe Biden's life story into a children's storybook that young children could understand.

Joe as a vice President

During his tenure as Vice President of the Obama administration, his eldest son, Beau Biden, 46, who was raised without a mother, died of brain cancer. Beau was a lawyer, politician, and military officer who followed in his father's footsteps.

"Every morning, Jill and I tell ourselves this is not a joke. I ask myself. Was he proud of me? " That's how Joe Biden added his emotional thoughts on his son's untimely death. 

How did Joe Biden cope with such difficult times in life? He says one saying caused it. It means 'Faith sees the best in the dark' or 'Faith sees the best in the dark'. The loss of his son Beau gave him a new purpose in life. He still wanted to see his son proud of himself. The same is needed today.

That is why he says with conviction,

"The beginning, the middle and the end are the family."

According to Barack Obama, learning about Joe Biden means learning about love without deception, serving without selfishness, and how to live a fulfilling life ...


Finally, this is not a political story, this is about a story of the father and a man who raised up among a thousand ups and downs that made meaning to life.

Places to travel in Paris


Feel the beauty of Paris and admire...

Paris, located north of its country and home to just over 2.1 million residents, is the capital of France and as such is a center for fashion, art, commerce, diplomacy, and science. With the second busiest airport and railway in the whole of Europe, the latter among the world best, Paris is a hub for transport in the European region, both past and at present. Further boasts many architectural, cultural, and recreational centers and landmarks to pay a visit to. As such it is an ideal location to visit. In fact, the Louvre was the most visited museum in the world in 2019 with just under 10 million visitors with a total of 38 million tourists in that same year. On that note, it is the second most visited place in the world behind Bangkok and just ahead of London.


The Eiffel tower

Opened as the entrance for the 1889 World Fair, oddly enough it was held subject to criticism by leading architects and similar influential individuals. On the contrary, it is now the symbol of Paris, if not France, and is one of the most recognizable structures in the World. It hosts almost 7 million visitors [in 2015] with three levels, with the first and second including restaurants. At 276m the top level’s upper platform is the highest publicly accessible observation deck in the European Union. The tower is open all throughout the year, but the times may change according to the season.


The ark of Triumph/Champs Elysées

Erected over a century and a half ago, inspired by Roman architecture The Ark of Triumph was built as a monument to the French revolution, among several other wars, and also as servers as a remembrance towards unknown fallen soldiers during the great war[world war 1]. It forms a juncture courtesy of its 12 radiating avenues. It is steeped in history undergoing multiple changes through its construction due to political influence and bears many symbols relating to war and peace. The concept of the eternal flame, which has burned from 11-11-1993, is to pay tribute to the unidentified soldiers that died for France during the war. There is, for a small fee, a museum inside and one can view the Paris skyline from atop it, however, this is only accessible through a staircase.



This is arguably one of the most famous museums in the world, with 9.6 million visitors making it the most visited museum in 2019. Housing approximately 38,000 artifacts from prehistory it is located on the right bank of the Seine river. It is also known for being the largest art museum and is a historic monument in the city, with the Louvre Palace, originally the Louvre Castle, being built during the late 12th and13th century. Originally a fortress then a castle and finally to its current state a museum, which was opened on the 10th August 1973 the Louvre has undergone many changes. The most recent changes being the addition of a vast underground complex consisting of shops, offices, exhibition spaces parking and storage areas, an auditorium a cafeteria and includes a tourist bus depot. Along with many paintings from all periods of Europe, it has an unmatched collection of French paintings from the 15th to the 19th century. It is home to many works of art by Italian renaissance painters as well including the Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci.


Notre-Dame de Paris

Meaning “Our Lady of Paris” this medieval Catholic cathedral located in 4th arrondissement of Paris is considered to be one of the finest works of French Gothic Architecture. Completed in 1345 it was the coronation site of Napoleon I and hosted the funerals of many French presidents. Since 1805 the Noter-Dame has had the honorary status of a minor basilica. Of all the monuments in Paris, the Notre-Dame is the most visited with approximately 12 million annual visitors. Certain important relics of Christendom are in the cathedral’s care including the Crown of Thorns, a sliver, and a nail of the true cross which are preserved.


Palais Garnier

Inaugurated in 1875 at the bidding of Napoleon III this opera house was designed by Charles Garnier and is as unique as it is beautifully designed. It is known for its mesmerizing architecture and was considered as the first of its style and is still considered one of the most beautiful buildings even in the heart of Paris which is known for its beautiful and architectural structures. The building is featured in two stamps that were issued by the French Post Office in 1988 and 2006. It has many sculptures on its exterior and more artwork inside as well. Among the many architectural features those of note are; the main façade, grand staircase, auditorium, chandelier, and the grand foyer.


Palace of Versailles

Once the center of government and residence of French royalty, it was initially a hunting lodge before 1682 when Louis XIV moved there along with the government after previous expansion. It is a UNESCO heritage site with great historical importance. The Treaty of Versailles was signed here ending World War I. The most known room in the place is the Hall of Mirrors which is a gallery, featuring 17 wide arcaded mirrors opposite 17 windows overlooking the gardens below and extends for over 70m. On that note, the gardens of the castle grounds were planned by the very influential André Le Nôtre. The terraces are adorned with statues and ornamental basins. North of the terrace a manicured ornamental garden is present and to the south a raised flower bed leading to staircases that flanks a grove of more than 1,000 trees known as the Orangerie.

 One time of your Life, Come, have a visit to Paris, France with huge the excitement of visiting these beautiful destinations. 


Summer vibes Spring ; Simple joyful home gardening

 Tips for summer gardening


Summer rolls in with an abundance of sunlight that gardeners love to harvest in. A common misconception is that all plants love exposure to sunlight. There are many Mediterranean plants such as marigold, geranium, lantana that would love to bask in the summer heat while the snowdrops, the winter aconites, and the bellflowers would prefer to lounge in the shade. The following tips will help your garden to flourish in the warm, sizzling summer while saving it from the scorching heat.


    Watering plants early morning

 Roots are the main portal through which the plants absorb water. During summer, the soil will mostly be brittle and dry due to the oppressive heat. This lack of moisture will negatively impact the roots and will halt the healthy growth of a plant. Watering them early in the morning helps the plants to derive the required amount of water before the soil-moisture dries up.

Watering in the afternoon, when the sun is high up will not adversely affect the plants, as long as the temperature of the water is too high. Better yet, hot water treatments accompanied by mild temperatures will act as a natural defense mechanism against weeds and pests.

Also, a more precautionary move will be to follow this morning watering rounds with another take, preferably in the evening or late afternoon. This will solidify the plant’s vigor and resistance to heat exposure.


Harvesting the sunlight

 Summer is the best time of the year when the plants get treated to maximum sunlight exposure. Therefore it is very important to bring out the heat-tolerant plants and allow them to fulfill their sunlight requirements.



 Mulch refers to an organic/artificial spread, which is draped across the soil to retain the moisture during the summer heat. This is a definite lifesaver as it eliminates additional watering rounds and also adds a certain allure to the garden overall. Deciding on an artificial mulch such as black plastic sheeting or an organic approach such as grass clipping, newspapers, straws, etc. definitely lies with the gardener. But they can experience additional benefits such as improved soil composition and increased drainage capacity, through the organic approach.

This may initially sound like an unnecessary, additional expenditure, but a competent gardener will be able to retrieve this without a single penny. (for example, discarded newspapers in the neighborhood, straw from farm waste, etc.)


Shades and covers

    Building a greenhouse would be the ideal solution to beat the heat, but the same goal can be achieved in a more frugal manner. Instead of covering the entire garden, you can select the plants which are adversely impacted by sunlight.  Gather several strong pieces of firewood/bark and dig them in the soil around these plants. Using nylon/ durable wire cord, arrange a crisscross network on top of the plants. Ensure that there is a sizeable gap between this and the plant, to prevent any plant from being smothered by trapped heat. You can now drape a mesh/black polythene sheet on this lattice. Additionally, you can make tiny pores on this sheet to ensure ventilation and adequate summer rain.

 But if you grow the plants in pots, the most convenient method will be to expose the plants to a few hours of morning sunlight and then to store them in a shady corner/ on the porch.


Planting seeds

Summer is not the ideal time to plant seeds as there is a higher tendency for the seed to dry out, than for it to generate a sapling. But if you had been remiss before and desire to plant them now, dig a hole deeper than you would usually do. This will protect the seed facing imminent dry up. Or, instead of direct planting, you can use in-house planting methods too:

·         Cover the seeds in wet cotton and place them in a moist place.

·         Soak the seeds in water and place them in a plastic bottle. Perforate the lid with several holes.


Selecting summer appropriate plants.

   Determining the accurate amount of sunlight exposure for each plant, is a controversial situation for many gardeners. These are several heat-tolerant angiosperms that would be ideal for a summer garden:

·         Pentas/ Egyptian starflower

·         Ageratum/ Floss flower

·         Begonia

·         Gaillardia/ Blanket flower

·         Geranium

·         Grapes

·         Figs

·         Natal plum

·         Prickly pear cactus

    If you are unable to accommodate shades/ covers, it would be best practice to avoid shady plants such as Astilbe, Hosta, Caladium, Cherry, Raspberry etc.

Just as the plants, the human body is not immune to constant heat exposures. To accomplish a healthy garden, the gardener should also be of perfect health. Therefore, take extra precautions when staying outdoors and restrain the gardening efforts to early mornings and late evenings.

Artificial Intelligence invaded the Bio Technology, the century began to re-born

AI invaded the Bio Technology

The year is 2020 AD, the sequencing of a complete human genome now costs less than a thousand dollars and the growth of transplantable human organs inside other animals is now gradually entering clinical trials. Advances such as this are the result of Biotechnology, which can be defined as technology based on biology. As we all know Information Technology has taken a paramount role in recent times and one major section of it which is Artificial Intelligence is rising rapidly. The combination of both these fields forms a novel topic called AI for Biotechnology.

Drug Discovery and Development

The current process of creating a drug is a long and time consuming one. It starts when scientists discover a biological target after which they begin testing different chemical mixtures in different dosages against it. Finally, they need to regulate the finished drug so that it is compatible with a wide range of people. Machine learning can be used to speed up lower the costs of this process. Primary stages in figuring out the drugs chemical structure and in the latter stage investigating the effect of a drug – both in basic preclinical research and clinical trials, in which a lot of biomedical data is produced.


Plant Biotechnology

Genetically modified Plants have become widely popular ranging from Golden Rice to the Flavr Savr Tomato. Biotechnology firms are now leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques to develop and program autonomous robots that handle important agricultural tasks like harvesting crops such as these at a much faster pace than humans. Computer Vision and Deep Learning algorithms are leveraged to process and analyze the data captured by the drones. Moreover, companies like Zymergen and Ginkgo Bioworks use vast metagenomic databases, machine learning, and robust automated laboratories to design microbes custom-suited to manufacture a desired good such as the cotton in your T-shirt.

Animal Biotechnology

Much like Molly the cloned sheep, molecular biology techniques are applied to genetically engineer/modify animals to bring about desirable characteristics such as higher muscle mass, and improved hardiness. Selective breeding is a very common practice where animals with good features are bred with each other so that their offspring will also result in the same traits. This is performed on the molecular level too where genetic characteristics among the animals are selected and such animals are bred. Machine Learning helps in understanding the genomics and making informed decisions and enhancing the capabilities of scientists in predicting the expression of those genes.

Human genomics

Each individual human has its own unique genetic footprint also known as their genome, by sequencing the genome of a human we can understand all minute details about him/her, from any allergies, to possible future medical conditions like cancer or heart disease, to even resistances and efficacies to drugs. After sequencing the size of a human genome is around 200 Gigabytes! This is only for a single person and is a lot of data to sift through manually. With advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning applications, researchers are better able to interpret and act on this genomic data.

With tools like Google’s DeepVariant, geneticists can now get an accurate picture of the full genome while being able to detect small mutations from random errors. This data could warn doctors of future diseases pertaining to this individual. AI & Deep learning was instrumental in effectively training DeepVariant.

Advantages of AI in Biotechnology

·  Time-saving - Since biotechnology is a field in which large amounts of data are constantly gathered, keeping track, and processing all this data would take tremendous amounts of time for humans alone. Computers have made this task quicker, and now the advent of Artificial Intelligence promises to shave off even more time.

·  Cost-effective – As mentioned above, crunching through piles and piles of data will use up a considerable amount of man-hours, If a neural network is trained to do such tasks the need for manual labor will be nullified. Furthermore, since errors are fewer, less money is wasted

            ·  Scalability – An AI-powered system will be able to adapt to new challenges better than a usual computerized system, furthermore neural networks can be trained for a wide range of functions and then adapt differently to specific ones. And many morethese are just the primary advantages of applying AI in  Biotechnology.

The FUTURE.....

The future of this marriage between these 2 titans of science is bright, from human genome sequencing being a cheap and mandatory procedure, scientists and doctors being able to halt a pandemic such as the recent Covid-19 in its tracks by the speedy development of a cure, no more waiting lists for organ donations therefore no more unnecessary deaths. And maybe humanity will finally have a chance at tackling the big fish like world hunger and overpopulation. We must not be afraid to venture on ahead and discover, for it is then that we truly support the human race.

How to Plan your bedroom interior


A well-planned bedroom reads the peace of mind of family members…

There is no other feeling like getting holed up in your bedroom after that hectic day, when you get to put down all your worldly worries and relax and rejuvenate yourself with sound sleep, to prepare yourself for the next day. How your it is laid out and designed has a huge say on how relaxing your time in the bedroom is, because a cluttered and cramped up space can bring you more stress than your day did. The following sections discuss some of the basic elements you need to consider when planning out the interior of your bedroom.

The size of your bedroom

The size of your bedroom is the determinant factor when designing your bedroom interior. The size of your bed and other furniture, and even the colors that are best to use are dependent on the bedroom size. If you have a large space to work with you can be more liberal in your choice of furniture and other elements you would like to have in your bedroom, like a reading corner. In case you don’t, you just have to be a bit smarter with your interior design.



The most important piece of furniture in your bedroom is your bed. When choosing your bed, you have to pay attention to how big you are. It would be really inconvenient to have your legs stick out of your bed and have to worry about that monster under the bed grabbing your legs! Therefore, always choose a bed that can accommodate you fully as long as you can fit it into your room. Then you can think about the other furniture you need to include in your room such as the wardrobe, nightstand, clothes rack and so on. It would be best if you can include a comfortable chair and a small table to keep your journals, laptop, books, etc. if you are the kind of person to pen down your day or watch a movie or indulge in a good book before going to sleep. Also, don’t forget to choose a comfortable mattress along with pillows and blankets!


Choosing the right colors is very important not only to make your bedroom look nice but also to relax and set your mood for a good sleep. Using bright colors in your bedroom is not recommended as they stimulate senses and make you feel wide awake. Instead, earthly and subtle hues will help you calm down and get ready for a soothing sleep. It does not mean that you cannot use your favorite colors like red, orange, or yellow, but rather that more subdued shades of these colors would do you good.

Also, if you have a small bedroom using a lot of dark shades of color will make it seem even smaller and cramped. Using lighter shades of color will make your room appear spacious. However, if you are into dark colors, using an accented wall with other lighter shades will give your bedroom more character.


Lighting is also as important as the colors you use in your bedroom. You need to choose lighting that complements the colors in your bedroom. For instance, warm whites are easier on the eyes and can create a soft and snuggly atmosphere boosting your sleep hormones while cool whites will give out a much brighter light that will delay your sleep. However, if you plan to read or write before going to sleep, you need to make sure that there is adequate lighting as working with inadequate light can stress out your eyes and result in headaches.


It is important to ensure that fresh air constantly circulates in and out of your bedroom. This will help remove damp and unpleasant odors from your bedroom while maintaining healthy levels of oxygen for you to breathe. Also, it would be great to have your bedroom get at least a bit of sunlight during the day to retain the freshness in your bedroom for the night.

While all these concerns make it a bit of an intimidating task, it is a worthwhile investment to do your research and take your time in planning your bedroom.




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